Smallville Reactions: high school romances

Out of isolation boredom, I started watching Smallville on Amazon Prime last week. I’m really digging the show. I remember watching a few episodes when it aired on CW in the early 2000s. But there were so many great shows back then like ER, Xfiles, Buffy, Angel and Sex and the City that were still on the air.

I’m totally regretting not having watched it. It’s like a cross between the monster of the week episodes from Xfiles, and the teenage campy vibe from early Buffy days. I was never a fan of Tom Welling – the floppy hair and puppy dog eyed look never did it for me. But there’s something about the show. Maybe I’m just feeling a little nostalgic. Plus all the great tunes from that decade. It also makes me realize how old I’m getting!

I’m still on season 1 – episode 21 “Tempest”. Clark and Lana have been lusting over each other for 21 episodes now. And while it’s cute and all, it’s getting a bit stale. And like, how many times can these people get kidnapped or almost die in every episode? Anyway.

Spoiler alert.

In this episode, Whitney, Lana’s beau, tells her that he’s, “going to enlist in the military. I’m doing it for us.” A few moments later, Lana is with Clark and she says, “Whitney’s enlisting in the military and he says he’s doing it for us.” Clark stops and says, “What’s wrong?” as he always does with those lusty blue eyes. Okay, maybe they’re slightly effective.

And just this bit of conversation send me off on a tangent — all the things that are wrong with this.

High school romances are just that. They’re high school. Life changes so much when you’re out in the world on your own. And you change right along with it.

First of all – I realize that small town life is different than the big city life I live, but marrying your high school sweetheart doesn’t always pan out. People change and grow as they get older. Your teens are the time you should spend learning about who you are, what makes you tick and finding all the joys and passions in life.

Your 20’s – when you go off to college – that’s your experimental years. Time to try new things and get wild and crazy – but not too crazy. You don’t want to wind up in jail or get kicked out of college in your first semester. But it’s the time where you really get to live. You’re in your prime. It’s a great time to explore the world. Travel. Meet new friends. Learn all you can about the world around you. You still have a lot of life to live.

So, for Whitney to say, “will you wait for me?” and “I’m doing this for you” — oh man. I kind of want to punch him. Or grab him by the collar and shake him a little. I mean, I get his dad just died and that’s when you want to make changes in your life. But come on man. You’re barely 18 years old.

I would never tell an 18 year or even 20 year old to get serious about love and settle down. In my eyes, I think it’s far too young. Getting married too young or out of need (pregnancy) is the number one reason marriages tend to fail. At least for people in my age range. Once the kids get old enough to look after themselves, marriages often fall apart. Or people grow apart and find themselves wanting to rediscover who they are and what makes them passionate.

I probably should have held off writing this to find out what happens in the episode. And I may come back and share an update after it’s finished. But come on dude.

My advice to people is this:

If you want to make a big change in your life, do it for you. If you’re married or you have a family – talk to them before making a life altering decision that will affect them too. Make the decision TOGETHER. As a family unit. Think of your family and those who rely on you. Have serious talks about how the change will affect your lives.

If you make a decision like enlisting in the army without informing your family first – I mean, come on now. That’s just all kinds of selfish. And asking someone to wait for you? Enlisting in the army is noble and all. But you could be overseas for YEARS without seeing your family. It’s not an easy life. Trust me. I dated someone who was military for nearly 20 years. He put his family through hell.

Come on Whitney. Do better next time. Involve Lana in your decision making process before asking her to put her life on hold for you. Seriously.

Also, it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that Mr. Clark is the “dude” from Dukes of Hazzard. Like 18 episodes worth. Gosh that was a great show. Might have to binge that one too.

I’ll be posting stuff like this from time to time as I binge watch older shows. I gave up on my Sex and the City re-watch as some of it is just so outdated now.

Curious to know what I’m watching? Well, I’m rewatching – Xfiles (season 6), Boy Meets Girl and Smallville right now. I have WandaVision on my “to watch next” list.

What are you binge watching during COVID restrictions?

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