It’s the little things that annoy me most

It’s the little things that are starting to annoy me the most. Like booking an appointment for 2:00 pm and the person doesn’t call you until 2:30. It’s not like I had to be anywhere at 2:30, it’s more about respecting my time. Right? Like I get that things happen, but when you’re running more than 20 minutes late = the polite thing to do is email, leave a text, or say, “Hey, can we reschedule?”

Little things. That eventually add up over time to become BIG things.

Being part of a group chat where only two people actually hold a regular conversation. People just gloss over important information and chime in when they FEEL like it. To the point this person and I took the conversation to private texting. What’s the point of a group text if you’re not going to respond?

Sending emails to prospective property owners that I want to rent from and not receiving responses. How can people just ignore these emails? Like I get that your inbox might be flooded but you can set it to automatic responses saying, “Hey, thanks for your email. We’re a bit overwhelmed at the responses we’ve received. We’ll get back to you when we can.” Or “I’m sorry, but you don’t fit our criteria.” It’s as simple as that.

This is about respect. Respect for MY time. If I’m taking time out of my day, to reach out to you – I expect a response. If I book an appointment and show up early or on time – I expect you to do the same. While I get that things happen, a phone call, text, or email to say you’re running “very late” would be appreciated.

Gaslighting. Leaving people hanging – is just rude.

And to the baby mouse I almost stepped on this morning, you are the worst of the little things that are annoying me today .I will find you yet. Your days are numbered furry one.

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things that annoy me most

  1. Having to deal with online communication is annoying. Sure, it’s convenient but people are so slow responding to emails. I hate waiting around on other people, and my mood is often influenced by whether or not I received an urgent email update. I don’t deal with social media but I could imagine that these groups are annoying too, especially if it’s related to business/work.

  2. I think the not responding to emails is what pisses me off most. Or responding but not answering the one question you ask.

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