Another lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon. I have my second cup of coffee for the day. But I’m still in my pink pj’s and have my warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around me. Why? Because we’ve finally been hit by the infamous Alberta deepfreeze.

The kind of weather that your joints can predict. And your skin absorbs lotion faster than you can say “nivea”. I tagged Nivea with this joke on Twitter – perhaps a sponsorship could be in my future? That’d be nice. Since I use their products daily and have been for years. I swear by them.

This kind of cold is hard on any abled body. It’s so cold – that it’s even warmer in the North Pole. Say what? Yes. Yesterday, the North Pole was like 5C. Today in Edmonton – let me check real quick. Ah yes. It’s cold. Freaking cold, I’d say.

Extreme Cold Weather Warning – in big red font.

Sunday will dip down to -36C with the wind chill. Which let’s face it. Anything below -20C just feels like the air slaps you in the face. I often wonder why I live in a province where the wind and air physically hurts me like a punch in the chest and a hard backhand to the cheek. But then I’m reminded that places like Australia has these suckers.

I can’t even. Just no. And these are baby spiders compared to other finds.

Ironically though, in a month’s time we’ll say that -20C is so much warmer than -50.

And so. Here I am, on Sunday at 2 pm in the afternoon sipping a second cup of hot coffee, curled up in my favorite Christmas blanket form my dad’s house with my favorite pair of pink pj’s. Did I mention I’m obsessed with pink lately? I even started making posters for instagram. It’s never been my color before. But rose gold is all the rage in graphic design and it’s grown on me. So much so, that I even ordered in rose gold headphones.

Excuse the finger print on my pants. I’m feeling lazy today.

I know I’ve been slacking on the wordpress posts lately. But I’m still trying to get my hours sorted out. At least I was up before 11 am today – woke up around 10 am. So, that’s progress. I did all my cleaning yesterday and just put away all the dishes in the kitchen. So now I can just enjoy some time to myself while trying to avoid any reason for having to leave my warm condo.

It’s supposed to get to -50 in some parts of Alberta today and that’s how winters were when we were kids.

How’s the weather where you are? How are you staying warm?

Don’t forget to check out my new products on my Etsy shop. I’m working on a series of planners, worksheets – and more exciting – a cook book which I hope to have ready by end of February. I’m trying to find the right E-Book template for it.

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  1. Our main heater in the building wound up breaking! It’s down to -50 tonight!! And thanks ! I had no idea worksheets were so popular. I used to make these for work in Word and Excel out of pure enjoyment. Canva is a great little program.

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