Friday night salmon and wine

Happy Friday! Yay for Fridays. Although it doesn’t matter the day anymore here when you’re at home by yourself. But despite the fact that it’s COLD outside – we’re dipping down to the -40C range this weekend. You read that right. Minus freaking 40 degrees and colder with the windchill.

The weather report said today that even the North Pole is warmer at 5C today. How is that even fair? We’re also supposed to get a major snow dump this weekend. So, I’ve got my fridge stocked up and lots of food. A nice salmon bowl dish for tonight and left over pizza for tomorrow. Yes. I caved. And ordered pizza last night. And it was worth every calorie.

But I worked it off today. I thought the day would be shot as I slept until noon with a migraine. But then I got up, showered and had a very productive afternoon. Where did this sudden burst of energy come from? I took a pill last night and thought I’d fall asleep instantly but nope. Sleep didn’t come until about 5 am. But I feel great today. No moodiness. No sluggish movement. And so I took advantage of a rare good day.

Junk removal guys came just after my grocery delivery did. We live in a great age where we can just pay to have people come and do stuff for us. I got rid of all my old patio furniture and stuff that had been piling in the shed. I got rid of old furniture that I didn’t use from my office. And now I have a good space to work with and sort through what I’m keeping or tossing for my move.

I also discovered a stupid nest in the process. And just spent an hour of my life deep scrubbing the floor and vents. At least I know where they are coming in from now. It’s all clean. And hopefully that’s the last time I have to deal with them until I move. It will be someone else’s problem now. They’re gross. Disgusting. Why do people keep mice for pets? Yuck.

And so, that’s been my day. I’m going to take out the last bit of garbage. Pour myself a drink and enjoy some delicious salmon that I didn’t have to make. I’ll pop in a movie and work on some art later.

Happy Friday – what you are up to this weekend?

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