Dream Speak: recurring nightmares and stress

I keep having this recurring themed dream where I wake up in an unfamiliar condo or apartment and it’s a complete shithole. Pardon my French. It’s a different apartment every time but similar kind of building. Much like my first apartment which was a literally shithole.

Last night’s dream was no different. I woke up in the dream as I often do. It took a long time to recognize that I was back in my first apartment. But it was way worse. The carpets were stained. The windows were filthy. The kitchen was a disaster.

My one bedroom is where I kept my mattress – ON THE FLOOR. Which I would never do after my experience with bedbugs. It wasn’t until the end of the dream that I even had that realization and the last words I screamed to myself were, “It’s going to get infested with bedbugs! I forgot about the bedbugs!”

During the dream, people came and went into my tiny one bedroom apartment. There was a tall contractor with longer blonde hair who said he had to paint the walls. I shouted at him to get out as he didn’t belong there.

Another guy came bursting through the door with a gun in hand. He realized he had the wrong apartment and ran out. Pretty close to a real encounter I had at the old apartment – minus the gun. But there were lots of people with guns in that old building.

And the mice. There were mice. Worse than there were here in this building. Evidence of mice were everywhere. At least here if I clean weekly then it keeps the problem at bay. But in the dream, oh god.

I’ve had dreams of a building where I walk down to the lower level – like one below the main floor. The hallway is dark and dingy. The one lone lightbulb near the entrance way flickered like the bulb was dying slowly.

It would take forever to walk down that long dingy hallway until I got to my suite.

Each dream I have, the apartment gets worse and the experience is darker. I don’t know if it’s the stress of moving or not being able to find a nice condo in my budget range. Or maybe it’s the sleeping pills. Or all of the above.

But these dreams are starting to get to me.

I even had a dream that I was stuck on this platform that was about 2 feet wide high up in the sky. This is my worst nightmare. Legitatemtely, my worst nightmare. I’m terrified of heights.

It was like walking on the suspension bridge in Drumheller. Every move I made, caused the bridge to – what’s the word. It became wobbly – wobbly? Yeah, maybe wobbly and would bounce around. To the point that I had to crawl across the platform to get to a safe landing.

And just as I did reach safer pastures, my dream world was engulfed in this magical misty kind of fog. And I woke up.

Dreams are a way for our minds to tell us that something is wrong. Of course I already know what the issue is here is in real life – so all I’m left to do is write about them.

If you’re looking for a way to record your nightly dreams – check out my Dream Journal on Etsy.

Do you have nightmares? What is your most memorable one? Do you have recurring dreams? Let me know in the comments. I may use the ideas for future posts.

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