Announcements and important updates!

Good Thursday morning fellow readers! I have some exciting announcements for you to today. So sit back, grab your cup of coffee and check out these new products and services that I have to offer.

First I want to say THANK YOU to all my new followers. There are so many of you! I’m enjoying all of your comments and love hearing from you. I will get to following some of you soon – but to be honest I don’t spend a lot of time reading on WordPress.

My brain is exploding from how much I’ve learned from YouTube tutorials over the last few weeks and I’m excited to share it all with you.

Here are some updates and announcements!

Business Upgrade!

It’s official. Mostly Single is now a business! Or rather, I’m the business as I have now have a business license and can offer consulting services from home. I’m still working on getting tax set up – but that will come later.

Last night I upgraded my WordPress plan with some hesitation and got the business plan. I’m in the process of updating the overall look of this website. Bare with me. The shop templates are very difficult to get used to – so I’m trying to create my own products and services using this template.

I’m so excited! I finally know how to E-Commerce and I love it. It’s a lot of work, but I hope one day to make this website and be able to work with clients on a full time basis.

I hope one day to be able to sell merch for this website. But drop shipping is not something I can afford at this time. Soon!

T-shirt design


I’m working on a list of services that I can offer you. My problem is I have too many interests to list and it’s hard to narrow down to a niche. I’m seriously considering taking some courses to become a certified life coach. This is something I’ve really wanted to do for a long time. You may have noticed that I’m focusing more on “how to” articles and going into topics like narcissism, emotional abuse, and learning to spot toxic behaviour. This is all part of my plan to grow this blog. I spent the night researching certification programs and training can be done in less than a month. It’s on the table as an option.

I do have professional experience working in addictions and mental health, children’s services, provincial health care and in student employment. I have over 20 years of experience in office and program administration at various levels. Most of my experience comes from government work. Most of you know by now that I’m experiencing severe burnout from my career in the government and I’m seeking a change where I can work from home.

Some of my professional training includes:

  • Business writing and advanced grammar
  • Coping with difficult people and situations
  • Critical thinking techniques
  • Managing stress in the workplace
  • First Nation protocols, Residential School training “Omanitew” – Cree

Some of my personal interests that I have studied over the years include:

  • E-Commerce, product design, customer service
  • Research and reporting
  • Social media marketing and graphic design
  • Stakeholder engagement and client relationship management
  • Theology and cultural traditions (Indigenous, Shamanism, Spiritual)
  • And of course, 40 years in music performance, competition and composition

Affiliate Marketing

I’m open to affiliate marketing! As this blog grows closer to the 1,000 follower mark each day – I’m ready to jump into the world of partnerships. If you feel that we would be a match – definitely reach out to me.

Guest Blogging

I am very interested in collaborating with other bloggers. If you are looking for a guest writer in any of the topics I generally cover – I’d be thrilled to connect. My main areas of interest are mental health issues, toxic relationships, grief and anything to do with healing. As an empathic person, this something I’m passionate and have a strong desire to help others. I also write a lot of articles on fitness tips, food, recipes and general “how to” posts.

Coaching Sessions

I’m still working on the business plan for coaching services. There are some legal issues here. I cannot give advice on legal, financial or medical conditions. I cannot help diagnose you with a condition. I can offer advice on how to find services that can help you or at least point you in the right direction of what services might be beneficial to you.

Some services I would like to offer include:

  • Coping techniques and strategies on how to deal with difficult people or situations
  • Discover your hidden talents or skills that you can build on and use in your daily life
  • Help you learn to determine if your relationship is toxic or what toxic behaviour looks like
  • Give you advice on starting a blog or website, or E-Commerce shop
  • General life advice like how to manage your time better
  • General fitness and weight loss advice (you can read my many articles here
  • Tutorials (graphic design, marketing, etc)

Or if you just need someone to talk to – I can be there for you and listen without judgment. What you get in return is someone who is open minded and has a lot of life experience to pull from. I’ve dealt with a lot of loss and grief in my life and partially as a church musician from funerals. The advice I give – is based on my own personal experiences.

Spiritual Guidance and Self-Help

In my youth, I experimented with all different kinds of practices. I even spent one summer learning about Reiki with a local Reiki Master and received my Level I certificate (if that counts for anything). I also attended drumming circles and really connected deeply with the practices of Native American Shamanism. It’s no wonder that later in life, I would wind up working for an Indigenous department and was blessed to study First Nation protocols. I got to work closely with Elders of our communities and learned great wisdom from them all.

I’ve written some articles about my experiences and will share them again here under a new tab for you. It’s definitely something I want to get back into as I find it to be extremely cathartic. I learned different things over the years the last few years that I can pass onto others.

  • Custom recorded daily affirmations (this is something I’m excited about)
  • Healing Rune Readings
  • Tarot Readings
  • General coaching or life advice

Writing Services

And of course, my main passion in life right now is writing. It’s my daily therapy. Whether you need help creating content for your website, writing product descriptions, or having someone be the “final set of eyes” on your official correspondence – I can help you out.

I have experience with WordPress, Wix, Blogger (does anyone still use this) and most social media platforms. I can help you manage your social media profiles for you or draft communication that you might need in your day to day business.

Services I can offer include:

  • Blog content, guest blogging
  • Copywriting and proof reading (be the “final” set of eyes on reports)
  • Formatting of MS documents (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint)
  • Online dating profile review
  • Social medial profiles and resumes (Indeed, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Template creation (, Word)
  • Website or shop reviews

It’s been kind of a crazy month as you all know with the insomnia and migraines. I’ll go two or three days without ANY sleep at all. And then crash for an entire day like I did yesterday. I’ve been up since 2 pm Wednesday and am wide awake. This blog keeps me sane. The Etsy store is a hobby and it’s something to do to pass the time. The problem with the insomnia is it makes it hard to focus on any one task and see things through to completion. This blog helps me more than anything else has.

I hope that I can help others in the way you’ve all helped me to realize that I have something of value to offer others. I’m so excited to share these services with you. I’m still working on pricing plans and product updates. But if you scroll down, you’ll see some of the work I’ve done.

Call to Action

I need your ongoing support. To upgrade this website, cost $350. The way you can help support the life of this blog, is to continue to read daily posts, engage, and head on over to my Etsy shop and try one of my products. I’m still looking for a review to get things going.

Alternatively, you can donate using PayPal. Any amount you can contribute would help greatly. As you have noticed, this blog is ad free – with exception of my own promotions. You will never be spammed with pop ups or annoying non-skippable ads for services you don’t need.

Your support – by just being here and helping this blog grow to almost 800 followers has meant so much to me. I love you all!


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  1. Your comments are closed on the site, but I can write you here 😀

    I completely feel you when you can’t narrow the niche, haha, been on that road myself! I would love to collaborate with you in the near future since I find interest in your spiritual services the most. If you’d be up for that, let’s connect 🙂

    P.S. You nailed it with this post of services!

  2. Wendy says:

    That would be amazing to collaborate. And thanks for letting me know – I’ll figure out how to open that up. I figure start off big with services and then I can always narrow it down when things start to get busy – I hope!

  3. Wendy says:

    can you add comments now? I can on firefox

  4. Yes, you’ll see what works best eventually 🙂

  5. Yes, I can add comments now 🙂 I see the previous one, too. So, it’s all good!

  6. Wendy says:

    Yay! Thanks again 🙂 Always learning something new here!

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