Tuesday morning thoughts – I might be a vampire

Well the good news is I’m all caught up on sleep for now. The bad news is – I’m wide awake at 1:30 am eating chicken tender and fries from the deli. Man, these are more delicious than anything I’ve ever ordered from restaurants. And for half the cost too. I tried making it healthy by adding apple slices. That counts right?

Until my sleep is regulated I think weight loss is just not going to happen. I’m expecting a lecture about it next week when I see my new doctor. We’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday was an odd day. I slept right until 12:30 when my phone rang. I never do that. I blame the sleeping pills. I got up quickly, dressed and met my friend Wally for my weekly grocery delivery. I’m trying to cut back on how much I spend on food each week. So, just the basics. But even the basics right now cost $100 weekly. That includes things like fruit (apples, grapes, strawberries), cheese, milk, spinach, carrots and a few snack foods. It was mostly healthy.

I also ran out of laundry pods again and those are never cheap. I try and stock up enough to last three months at a time. In my mind, this is how I’m saving money. I’ll be taking a bit of a pay cut in a couple of months as I switch to long term disability. But I’m really hoping to line up some kind of work from home by then.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in my life right now. As I’m sure like many other writers out there. This past year has had its challenges and I like many others am sick of being in isolation. I miss seeing my friends and mostly my dad. I didn’t even call him tonight because I passed out around 4 pm for a nap. So basically, I slept the whole day. And am wide awake now.

The hard part about sleeping all day and being up all night, this could be why I watch The Vampire Diaries so much – is that the rest of the world is sleeping now. I can’t make phone calls. I really shouldn’t send emails. The most I can do is some research, work on art, maybe play a game or two. Working out is way too noisy for the neighbour below. I’m pretty sure this is why I haven’t lost weight in a while. Frustrating it is.

It’s funny you know. With this blog, I’m trying to put out more serious articles. But most of you readers tend to love these “daily diary” posts. I wonder why that is. Is it because you can relate to what’s going on? Or does my late night ramblings actually make sense to anyone but me? It’s something I’ll never understand. But who am I to disappoint?

When I woke up I realized my Spotify playlist was still playing. It’s been on random since 1:00 pm and hasn’t run out of music yet. That’s insane. I love the playlist and it’s got some great tunes on it. So, here’s a link if you want some cool new tunes. It has over 300 followers which is like, three times more than my Youtube channel does. Priceless.

I keep playing phone tag with friends from the church. They called last night but I missed the call. I called them this afternoon. They called again while I was sleeping. It’s bad when you have to pencil in social calls. I’ll try them again in the morning. Most people communicate by text or email these days!

My eyes are paranoidly scanning the room for mice. I barely saw the critter last night. Those baby mice are so fast. I’ve kept my place relatively clean since the last outbreak. I moved the traps around to the spots I’ve seen the mice so hopefully. Knock on wood. This helps.

Here’s today’s picture – it’s from the condo I’m hoping is still available in March. I just love the suite so much. I don’t even mind the green on the wall.

I think I might hop on Pinterest and start looking for decorating ideas. I also need a new bed and hope to buy a “big girl” bed with an actual bedhead and box frame. I’m tired of my old metal bed that squeaks with every move. You can find me on Pinterest at jenwenart! I “pin” daily.

But more importantly – should I make coffee or not? I do plan on going back to bed for a few hours so I can stay up all day tomorrow. One of the issues is the sleeping pills make me a little dizzy. That could have been the migraine too. But for now, I’m clear headed and just want to get stuff done. I just wish I had more days like this.

Anyway, that’s it for the adventures of Wendy on this very early or late Tuesday morning. I think I will make some coffee and pretend that it’s 8 am and my day is about to start.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday morning thoughts – I might be a vampire

  1. I felt like I was reading one of my blog posts for a second! I used to work the graveyard shift and waking up on weekends at 2:30am to start my day felt completely normal. And then talk about having a burger at 8am on weekdays πŸ˜… I feel you!

  2. Oh man I worked night shift one summer as a teenager and I hated it. I was ready to come home and party at 8 in the morning and the rest of the world was just getting their day started lol

  3. Lol! I don’t share every detail — just the ones I find interesting πŸ™‚ Thank you for the sentiment tho!

  4. You’re doing the best you can, bless your heart. I love the look of that new condo and omg is there anything more exciting than decorating your home??? I hope you get the condo and a lot of rest. Sending you a big hug xx

  5. Thank you! I actually wound up moving out of downtown and found a really nice place closer to family. Still getting settled in πŸ™‚

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