Just another lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon as I sit down to the computer for the first time. My brain is foggy and I’m trying to make sense of all the weird dreams I had last night. I now remember why I don’t like taking sleeping pills. It’s all the dreams. So many weird dreams. That and it just makes you feel like sleeping all day.

I went to bed at midnight in hopes of turning my schedule around last night. I was falling asleep while at the computer. The plan was to sleep all night, get up early and have a productive day in the kitchen and do some cleaning.

Plans foiled again. I just crawled out of bed. And I blame the amitriptyline. I’ve only taken it three times this week and this is what it’s done all three times. Made me extremely tired the following day and given me so many weird dreams.

Like dreaming that it was my birthday and I was doing everything I could to get home. When I finally got home, all my ex’s and junior high tormenters were sitting at the table smiling and waiting for me to say a speech. The presents had been opened. The cake was eaten. And my mother was sitting there with a smile on her face too.

Can we say — awkward?

Dreams are messed up like that. But I find some medications make them even more profound and bring out the weirdness. Like my sister having an affair with my junior high school bully Tony, who I also wound up falling in love with in the dream? I mean…come on. Seriously, wtf?

Anyway. I’m up, dressed, waiting for my water to boil for my instant coffee. It might be another lazy day again.

What I have been doing is cleaning just a little bit every day. Trying to downsize, get things organized for packing. I went through my entire kitchen the other night and pulled out old vases to give away. I’m going through cans in the pantries and trying to use up as many as I can before the move. Just one less thing to worry about.

I’m going through all the closets and packing what I can into Rubbermaid tote bins. I took about 20 from the house and six are already packed with linens, towels and clothes. Which led me to realize that I have too many clothes and still need to downsize despite giving away a bag last year.

It feels good to purge like this. Feels lighter somehow. Next up is DVD’s and I have a box of books so I might donate them to a library. But slowly, day by day, I’m closer to being ready for the move in March.

Now I just have to find a place to move into!! I hate moving. I truly do. It’s expensive. It takes so long to unpack and get organized. Packing is no problem. Unpacking is the hard part. And cleaning. But this time I’m hiring cleaners to help. I already found a good one who is affordable.

One thing I’m having a hard time finding is a two bedroom condo with private laundry in my budget range. There are many old walkup apartments for rent but they either don’t have laundry or they don’t have an elevator. So, the search for my next home continues.

And that’s it in a nutshell.

I think today, I’ll work on some art and maybe order in some dinner.

How are you spending your Sunday afternoon?

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5 thoughts on “Just another lazy Sunday

  1. Yes I love movies. Been spending a lot of time on youtube learning new skills and things to do. 🙂 I don’t recommend sleeping pills without doctors supervision as they can really cause funky side effects.

  2. I’m using the premium plan now for wordpress and thinking of upgrading to business so I can host my own store here. That way people can buy and pay for services directly rather than relying on Etsy. Etsy can shut down your store at any time and that worries me as I discovered with a second store. I’d like to offer consulting services.

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