Weekend Art Sale – Etsy promotions!

I promise I will limit Etsy promos to once or twice a week for this blog so I’m not spamming your home feeds. But I’m excited to share with you some my new designs.

In an effort to get my shop going and earn customer reviews, I’m offering a weekend sale. How does it work? It’s easy.

If you make a purchase from my shop, and leave a review – I will reach out to you via email on Etsy to ask which piece you’d like as a gift. I can either send the download to you by email or send a link so you can download the artwork in a format that works for you using Canva.

What a world we live in where we can share our digital creations with just the click of a button!

Check out some of my newest designs that are perfect for home decor, printable wall art or to use as a desktop background. I’m also running a 30% off sale until the end of January.

Sale ends Monday at midnight so make sure to take advantage now!

Printable Wall Art

High quality printable wall art for your home! Affordable artwork that can be downloaded instantly. Why pay for expensive shipping when you can print these images from the comfort of your own home?

Digital Planners and Journals

I’m working on a new line of digital journals and daily planners that can be used with Ipads or Samsung tablets. These planners are created using Affinity Publisher. You will receive a PDF print file which you can either print for personal use or use directly in your tablet with programs such as Good Notes and Note Shelf. This is something new that I’ve learned to do this week — but I have several journals and notebooks that I hope to release very soon.

Editable Greeting Cards

These greeting cards are 100% editable using Canva.com – a free graphic design program. You will receive an email from Etsy once you’ve made your purchase with instructions on how to access the template. You will also receive a PDF print of the original card without making any changes to it.

Canva is a free program to use. I’m not affiliated with them but I use the PRO plan for all my mock up photos and card designs.

Graphic Designer – for hire

If you are a small business owner looking for someone to help with marketing, promos or even designing business cards, I can help you out. Use the contact form below for more information. I can work within your budget for stationery supplies and offer suggestions on who to use for printing.

At this time, I can only offer digital products. All products will be digital downloads. I can however help you get set up with vendors so you can order your own prints.

Sample logo design using Canva.com

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