2020 Wrap Up – yearly stats! And happy new year!

I’m a little late in getting my day started – but only because insomnia kicked in last night and I finally crawled back into bed at 5:30 am. I got a few hours of sleep. I have my groceries that my faithful friend Wally dropped off. And a lovely poinsettia from the good folks of Loblaws. I recently made the switch from Superstore. They have a better selection of deli goods even though the prices are higher. Service tends to be better too.

I’ll share a picture later. It made my day. Also having human contact felt good too in the form of a hug. Man, how I’ve missed those hugs.

In honour of New Year’s Eve, I’m not going to whine about the parties or family gatherings I’m going to miss out on. I actually usually stay home on NYE and opt to visit family the following day when the world is quieter. But with mandatory restrictions still in place, I’m at home for the weekend.

So — let’s dive into it, shall we? Today, we’re going to talk about my least favorite subject – stats. I want to show you how quickly my social media accounts have grown in recent months.

Mostly Single Stats

I started this blog in April 2019 without a clue on what I wanted to write about. There are still days I don’t know what I’m going to write about. Sometimes it just is based on my mood while other times something in the news or something that happened in daily life might motivate me to write. That’s why this is better to be called a “lifestyle” blog so I can talk about – well, whatever I want to.

For most of 2019, I was around the 200-300 reader mark. The blog slowly grew in the summer of 2020 when I focused more on in depth articles. But it wasn’t until about a month ago, when I started applying SEO tactics, that this blog took off.

From 300 to — are you ready? 722 readers!

Can you believe it? I can’t. Even if I don’t post daily, people somehow still find my older posts and follow the blog. It’s a great feeling. My first goal was 500 readers. My next goal is 1000 – and I think I’ll make it.

Music Stats

Music is a harder subject to promote. With technology, anyone can call themselves a musician. Even with forty years of experience under my belt, I’m still newer at music production. Add marketing and it becomes a full time gig with very little return financially.

But here are my stats since releasing four albums in November 2019.


Grew from just 40 people in 2019 to 88 this morning. It’s a slow process. But I gained 20 new followers just in the last few days with my Christmas album. Amazing. The album earned over 2.2k views and 55 likes. I also received my first downvote, which means that hey, people are listening. And you actually want downvotes. How messed up is that?

These stats only include channel stats, not my official releases.

  • Subscribers: 88
  • Views: 6.2K – up 999% – wow!
  • Watch time hours: 375.4
  • Impressions: 62.3K – wow!
  • Click through rate: up 37%
  • Most popular video: Celtic Christmas – 2,268 views
  • Most popular countries – Canada, US, Germany, Denmark (yay!)

The year started off slow and the lack of engagement from fans was frustrating. I’m working on rebranding the channel (again) but I am so close to being able to customize my channel name. Just 12 more subs to go!

Spotify Music

As a recording artist, I am new to publishing music on Spotify. I used the platform to create playlists. Once I uploaded music, then I started adding my own music to playlists. I also started submitting my music to other people’s playlists and it got some momentum. My channel is still painfully small – but at least I’m getting new listeners daily.

  • Followers: 17! 😦
  • Listeners: 1.1K
  • Streams: 4.3K
  • Top countries: Canada, US, UK
  • New listeners: Japan, Russia, Australia!

It’s pretty cool to see where people are listening to my music and how they discovered it. I’m tickled pink to have reached Japan and even New Zealand!

Social Media

In the last week, I rejoined Pintrest and Etsy. These are new accounts so I don’t have a following yet. Twitter I use mainly for local contacts. And Instagram is small with just 59 followers as I’m not a fan of apps that you need your cell phone for. I’m better with a keyboard.

Make sure to check out my new Etsy shop if you’re a fan of art! You can click on the picture below. I decided to use Pintrest instead of this blog for sharing my art. That way you aren’t overwhelmed with how many subjects I write about.

2020 in a nutshell

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, you know like many others, 2020 has been a crapshoot of a year for me. I’m still experiencing some health issues and am still off work. I’m trying to find things I can do from home given the way things are in the world. They say that a vaccine won’t be readily available until fall 2021. I’m hoping things turn around for us very soon. Now that I have asthma, I have extremely high risk and I’m so scared of getting sick again. Last fall was just not fun.

But more than anything, I just miss being social. Even me, the introvert. I miss my dad and lunch dates with friends. I miss having the option of saying no to invites rather than just not having any at all. Luckily, I enjoyed a small dinner with my sister’s family on Christmas day. So I wasn’t totally alone. I was fine with my lifestyle choices of remaining single up until the last few months. I’ve really been questioning my decisions.

My fitness challenge is still ongoing – sorta. I’ve been slacking in that department. I have goals and I’d like to make changes to meet those goals. I just find it hard sometimes with health issues like migraines and insomnia.

So, on that note. I’m going to end this there as this post is already getting long. If you’re looking for something to read, make sure to check out my many tabs – I have articles in fitness, health, marketing and personal development. I’ll be focusing more on offering marketing and business tips, how to grow your blogs, and things I’ve learned in personal development.

Thank you EVERYONE who helped make this blog grow from 0 to 721 people in just under two years. I hear from new bloggers who have a hard time even getting 10 followers. So, I just wanted to say – I appreciate you all.

Happy new year – and here’s hoping that 2021 brings us better news and times.


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