NEW Etsy store – now open for business!

This week as I sat at home alone during Christmas week, I decided to get my act together and start working on art projects again. Rather than moping about being alone, this helped to pass the time. I’ve always preached about how this is important for one’s own mental health. It was time to start practicing what I preached about.

I’m back on the Etsy train! Some of you may recall that I opened an Etsy art store back in early 2020 but it was at the start of COVID and it was just bad timing. I decided to open up a newer store, create some newer products and now I’m proud to release a line of stationery and note cards.

I’m aiming to create at least three products each week. Once the world gets back to “normal” I’m going to look for a print on demand store so I can sell other merch like beanies, hoodies and hats. Unfortunately, the market is over saturated now. It’s really hard to break into.

What can you buy from my store? Great question – for now it’s all digital downloads. You can print the artwork and use it for greeting cards, note cards, or just print and buy a frame to hang the piece on your wall. Why did I open the store?

This was after much encouragement from local friends on Twitter who saw a piece that I shared online. They liked it so much that it gave me the much needed boost to get back into graphic design. I’m still entry level in graphic design but want to learn more.

DIY Printables – Note Cards

These products contain digital files that can be downloaded instantly and printed from the comfort of your own home. You will receive one pdf file with the logo that can be easily printed on stock paper. Or you can use the high resolution at 300 dpi image and create your own card design using

With each purchase, you will receive a pdf file that you can download and print instantly. You will also receive a high resolution png file so that you can use the image in your own greeting card designs. With sites like, anyone can become a proficient card maker.

The pdf files are completely blank on the inside and you can print and hand sign them or edit them in Canva. The choice is yours!

Artwork was created using Corel Painter and is for personal use only. Copyright @ jenwenartshop


The store is a continuous work in progress and I will be sharing some of my products as the store is updated. I figured out the Etsy integration with Pintrest. And can now advertise here on this very blog.

I would love to work on music and art full time – this is a good way to supplement some extra income to help pay the bills and save for future projects.

I have many projects planned for 2021 in music and art. I’m also back into reading – so this blog has changed and expanded yet again. I love sharing my creations with you as you inspire me to continue to learn and push myself as an artist.

Thank you all!

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