It’s weird how much I love data management.

It’s end of day Tuesday already and I feel like I’ve been working non-stop. It actually feels pretty great to have some work to do. Even if I’m not getting paid for it. In order to get out of the COVID-19 isolation slump, I decided to assign myself some projects.

It started with organizing emails. I reinstalled Outlook and have started using it daily. Instead of relying on a sticky note for my appointments, I now have the dates marked in my calendar and reminders set up. This feels great. Like my life has purpose again.

I went through five years of emails. Converted them into pdfs. Placed them into zip files. Wrote text documents for each zip file. Is it wrong how much joy tasks like this bring me? It’s work you don’t really have to think about it. You get into a monotonous routine and it becomes very methodical.

I won’t admit to you how many times I’ve reorganized my media files. This is another guilty pleasure. I love renaming files. Reorganizing files and folders. What I will admit is that I’m a bit of a data hoarder. My external drive is almost full and it’s time for a second one. 2tbs fill up fast.

Okay, I’ll bite. Yes. I’m a data management nerd. It’s something I’ve always been good at. Taking documents. Organizing them in a way that makes sense. Taking bits of information and putting them together in a report or spreadsheet so people can understand data.

I’m even taking some Infographics courses so I can learn how to make data pretty and easy to follow for people like me. I’m a visual sort of person. I need to see the bigger picture to understand the data I’m looking at.

For the next couple of years, I really hope to focus on studies. I’m hoping things work out financially to allow me to do this. Courses I’m interested in are:

  • Copy-writing and editing
  • Data management — learn new programs and tools
  • Digital marketing – add more courses to the resume
  • Music theory – I still want to teach music if I can

Even though I took like five years of music theory and nine years of piano lessons, my theory is rusty. I have a hard time explaining things to people. I’m more of a hands on learner myself and show people how I do things. But that may not always be the correct way. It just gets the job done.

Something else I want to get better at is video editing for my music videos. I just released another Christmas album last night. Most of my videos are just audio and images. Once I move into a house, I want to be able to record me playing a real piano. An acoustic piano. I have a few leads on some house rentals.

It seems like while part of my life has come to a halt and is falling apart – the rest of my life is coming together nicely without much effort.

And so… that’s where we are on this warm and sunny Tuesday. The snow is almost gone outside. It’s melting fast. I really should get out and go for a walk tomorrow.


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