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Well, here we are on Friday morning. I just finished a family zoom chat and seeing my grand nephew’s smiling face on camera just boosted my mood up like 10000%. I don’t think dad gets much out of the calls but at least he can see everyone’s smiling face and hear us chat. He misses us all and wishes we could all get together soon. And so do we.

I’m feeling better today for the first time in about a week. I’ve been under the weather with a froggy voice and just feeling run down. I don’t know if it’s stress with everything going on with the pandemic or the work situation, but I slept in a bit this morning. The sun is shining. I’ve had my coffee and I’m ready to get some much needed cleaning done today.

I might even get into the kitchen and do some baking or cooking. So, I just might even share a new recipe today.

I’m amazed at the amount of traffic this blog has been gaining in the past month. So many new followers and people commenting – I’m really enjoying it!

I thought I would take a moment to remind you of all the wonderful features of this blog.

Living Well

Living Well is a series of articles I wrote on illnesses and ailments that I live with on a daily basis. I’ve shared tips and information passed on from various doctors and my medical teams over the years. From topics like PCOS, migraines, to skin care and migraine care – there are plenty of articles for you to read through and possibly, even learn from.

In addition to physical health, I’ve written several articles on the struggles of anxiety and depression. Something I think we all are feeling a little bit this year.

Chronic Pain Management

Mental Health Series

Women’s Health Series

Fitness Tips

In addition to the Living Well series, I’ve written several articles over the last year on fitness tips and advice that I’ve learned from moderating a large fitness group online. I know I haven’t posted much in terms of fitness advice lately – I am still working on losing weight. Not only do I have a lot of articles with some great advice on fitness, but I’ve also included a master resource list which includes some of the best websites, youtube channels and authors for you to check out.

Fitness articles range from talking about intermittent fasting, ketosis, fad diets to avoid, fitness apps and so much more!

Fitness Tips and Resources


And no lifestyle blog would be complete without an entire section dedicated to food. I’ve updated my food page to include all the recipes I’ve posted over the last year. I have older photos I need to go through and recipes to jot down. People have said that I should write a book and sell it online – that’s still a possibility.

Would you buy a recipe book if I sold it on sites like Amazon? Let me know in the comments.

Visit my food page to see what recipes I’ve shared. Most recipes are healthy and take less than one hour to prepare. Perfect for the single chef like me.

Thanks everyone for following this blog and reading my past articles. It means so much to me. It also gives me a renewed energy to continue pumping out great content for you. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to turn this blog into a full time gig. But I’ve still got a long way to go. I am looking at options where I could work from home on a permanent basis. If you have any ideas, or know of any opportunities for bloggers please let me know.

And as always, please consider donating to help keep this blog running. The site will need to be renewed in March and costs $121 CDN just to keep it going. I will be sharing some more artwork and recipes over the next few weeks as I get back into it.

Thank you all!



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  1. I’ve been lazy. Like eating carrots, hummus and snap peas lazy lol. I’ll have to get back into it!

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