Saturday morning coffee and a bagel thoughts

Once again it’s Saturday morning. I was up and out of bed at 8:00 am despite having restless dreams throughout the night. It’s a fasting day, so I’m finally just eating my usual breakfast and drinking my first coffee of the day. I switched it up to Tim Horton’s instant coffee. It’s not bad.

I’m missing brewed coffee though. I think for Christmas I’ll splurge on a new coffee maker. I’m holding off on buying anything else until I move. I bought a cheap toaster and kettle when I first moved in here six years ago – and they’re nearing the end of their life. So, I’ve been checking Amazon and London Drugs daily for sales. It is Black Friday weekend isn’t it?

As our city heads into what might be an extreme lockdown in efforts to reduce COVID cases, I’ve decided to make the most of my time at home. I got back into the kitchen last night and made a delicious supper – Italian meatballs with creamy linguini and baked kale. It was amazing.

I’m eating some of the meatballs with my morning bagel for a boost in protein.

I’ve been really good with my diet and am seeing some progress with weight loss. While the scale is moving painfully slowly, my clothes are fitting much better. I am back to working out daily, sometimes twice a day. A combination of strength and cardio. Food – I’m eating a lot more raw vegetables and hummus than I usually would. This helps me feel fuller throughout the day.

Christmas decorations went up early this week and I am enjoying the lights twinkling in the background. I turn them on every night after dinner. I even hung up stockings. I’d like to learn to make some Danish paper ornaments and hang them from a streamer across my fireplace. It’s still very much a work in progress.

We used to make these with my grandmother as kids, but honestly, they seem so complicated now. Watching these tutorials on youtube, make me wish I had spent more time with her when she was alive.

I don’t usually decorate until the week of Christmas. But since I can’t go anywhere, and there’s no parties or gatherings this year – I’m making the most of it. I might even do some baking later.

Yes, I think today is a good day to spend working on some crafts and baking. Most of my cleaning is finished for now. Even my kitchen is almost spotless. My closets are organized. All that is left is sorting through some of the bins from dad’s house – linens and bedding.

How are you spending your Saturday? And are you joining the bandwagon for putting up Christmas decorations early this year? I highly recommend it, if that’s your thing.

Happy Saturday!

It’s a work in progress. I love my little tree from Michaels. I’m working on some paper decorations and a streamer for the fireplace. Suggestions?

Music is not mine but I like it.

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