Creamy Linguini with Baked Kale

Today was one of those blah days. Everyone has them. I decided to take a few hours break from social media. While I didn’t walk away from the computer, I worked on other things. Like backing up movies onto my computer. I have a playlist for tonight ready to go.

I was going to order in dinner but decided nope. I wanted to cook. Fridays are usually my cheat days, so I splurged a little. I haven’t cooked pasta like this in ages.

The whole process took maybe half an hour. I prepped the kale beforehand by washing and massaging it. I also added some seasoning – salt, garlic salt and a dash of olive oil and let it sit for an hour. It was well worth the wait.

Baked Kale

This part is really easy. Preheat the oven to 400F. Grease a cookie sheet with a few drops of olive oil and spread it evenly across the pan. Layer the kale onto the cookie sheet and drizzle a little more olive oil if desired. I added some parsley flakes, basil and pepper to top it off. Cook for about 5-6 minutes or until kale is crisp.

Kale chips also make for great low calorie snacks.

Creamy Linguini

I took the lazy route for this recipe. But it tasted really good. You can do this with any kind of pasta. Cook the pasta as per the instructions on the box. Add a bit of salt to the water before it boils. This will bring out the flavour of the pasta. Drain the pasta once cooked.

Add in 1 to 2 tablespoons of Mayo to the cooked pasta – I use the kind with olive oil seasoning. Season with some garlic salt or powder, black pepper, parsley flakes, and basil. Mix well with a fork.

Add in the baked kale and mix together lightly with a fork until the kale is blended in with the mayo.

If you’re not a fan of mayo, you have a few options. You can just drizzle some olive oil onto to the pasta and add seasoning. Or a cup of creamy tomato soup – or even better, you can make a cheese sauce – which I’ll share my favorite recipe in another post.

But I was feeling a little lazy, and mayo it was. And surprisingly, it was delicious.

For something different, I heated up some frozen Italian meatballs and it hit the spot. I’m full after just one cup of pasta and a few meatballs – and there’s left overs for tomorrow. I left the recipe vague on serving sizes – but I cooked up about two cups of pasta and a whole box of PC meatballs. I only ate about six of them with the pasta.

I’ll head back in the kitchen a little later for desert. But I wonder what to make? I have some strawberries I need to do something with and some older bananas too.

Happy Cooking.

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