Re-booting after a hard reset

I figured out a long time ago, that one way to beat chronic insomnia is to do a hard reset of the system. I powered down. And booted back up again. What does that mean exactly?

It means that I slept for a good couple of days to catch up on sleep and had long naps in the evening. Which resulted in staying up ALL night last night. It’s now ten to seven in the morning. But I am wide awake and feeling great. It’s that sudden burst of creative energy that’s come back.

Much to my neighbour’s dismay (I’m sure), I stayed up working on some artwork on the computer. I oragnized my shared drives again. Got rid of some old files, duplicate files and just cleaned everything up. That felt good. I have mild OCD and I can’t stand to live in chaos.

Next came my closet. I tore it apart and went through all my clothes. I realized I have way too many clothes. My goal is to cut the amount of clothes I have in half. There’s already a good size pile started for donations. A combination of jeans and business casual clothes that I really have no use for right now. And with the way I’m losing inches, I’ll need new clothes in a few months anyway.

I reorganized my dresser drawers and folded all my casual clothes neatly so they would all fit. I have too many of those too. I may have inherited my mother’s shopping problem. But now my clothes are all in one place and easy to find.

I’m taking a bit of a break to eat some breakfast and take my vitamins. But then it’s back to it. My goal this month is to downsize. Just in case. I may have to take a one bedroom condo in the spring. Rents are crazy right now in central Edmonton. I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford a two bedroom on my own. Ergo, cleaning of the closets. I’m still purging through all the stuff I took home from my parent’s house this summer.

My next chore is to go through all the towels and linens. I have way more than one person ever needs. Widdle that down to one Rubbermaid tote only. I love Rubbermaid totes. They’re awesome. And then same for blankets, etc.

It’s something to do to pass the time while in isolation. And as someone in my comments said – when you don’t sleep, there’s a lot of hours to get things done.

Once I’m finished the bedroom – it’s onto the office. And then the kitchen. I’ve already purged quite a bit. But I still feel like I need to get rid of more.

And so, this chapter in my life – I’m calling it – a HARD RESET.

Getting healthy. Getting organized. Taking all my sinus medications. Exercising. Eating healthy. Moving to a new home soon. And hopefully, by then, be in a new job. I should even have a new doctor by then.

It will be a new life. And that is a welcome change.

People often ask me why I even bother with this blog. Why share all this with random strangers on the internet? What do I get out of it?

About $0.19 so far in ad revenue in case you’re wondering.

Because like my condo, it helps to keep me on track and be accountable for my actions. I can create goals and either stick to them or fail miserably – and that’s okay too.

Life is full of challenges and if you don’t move with the ebb and flow of it all, you’ll drown in the chaos – that’s my Wendyism for the day.

If you get a good chuckle or learning something from it, then my job here is done. At least for now. Time for my instant coffee and a bagel.

Here’s my creation from last night.


Daily Art Challenge #2 – Spring Scene by Wendy J.

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