Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Here were are again. I’m wide awake at nearly 5:00 am. I don’t get it. I really don’t. I did everything right yesterday. Or today? Is it still today? I’m confused. I’m not even tired. It’s like I got this sudden burst of energy. Maybe it’s creative energy. I’ve been pouring a lot of my “feelings” into art, writing and music this month.

Years ago, I attended a sleep clinic for the chronic insomnia. It’s related to hormones, aging, and arthritis. I tried everything over the years. Melatonin. Sleeping pills. Even anti-depressants during a really bad spell of months without sleep. Nothing works.

In the sleep clinic, I learned some helpful tips. Like practicing sleep hygiene. Washing your hands, feet, brushing your teeth, putting lotion on dry skin (I use Aloe Vera) and face, and drinking some water before bed. It helps. But nothing feels as great as doing all that and then crawling into a nice clean bed with freshly washed sheets. I love that smell. I love that feeling.

I even exercised quite a bit today. I didn’t have a nap. I didn’t drink coffee past noon. I had sleepy time tea which usually helps. I even listened to sleepy time music – chorale and Native American pan flute music. And nothing. Nope. No sleep for me.

So, here I am. At nearly 5:00 in the morning. Listening to Spotify. I’m going to wait to get my instant coffee until at least 5:30. Or I might crawl back into bed. That’s one thing I learned too – if you can’t sleep for the first two hours, get out of bed and go do something else. Problem is, then I get lost in what I’m doing and before I know it, it’s morning.

Maybe it’s boredom. Or restlessness. Or the guilt I’ve been feeling for the situation my dad is in right now. I don’t even want to get into it. It’s depressing.

Music is something I’ve always loved, as my long-time followers know. I’m getting back into writing music and recording more now that it’s Christmas season. That and we’re back in lockdown – I need to keep busy.

Writing in this blog on a daily basis is mostly therapy for me. My therapy sessions are finished and I need something just to clear the thoughts in my head. It’s a busy little head. And I’m told by many of you, that enjoy these posts.

Apparently, I’m funny. And captivating. Who knew.

Daily Art Challenge

The other day on Twitter, someone asked people to post their favorite piece of art and shared it with everyone. I shared something I created last year and everyone loved it. They all asked me to share more.

So…. in addition to my daily or weekly blog posts, I’ll be sharing some of my art here again too. I can’t help it. I have too many interests. And it keeps me from going crazy while in isolation. Yet, again. Like most of this year.

I don’t have any formal training in graphic design or art. It’s mostly something I’ve learned out of boredom from being off work this year. I can also make custom cards (digital), calendars and other fancy things.

Today’s artwork: Frozen Lake – it matches my current mood

Note: unfortunately, I don’t have the money to print these and ship them to customers. I tried print on demand services, but COVID killed that. If you’d like to order a digital file and print it yourself – I could arrange that.

Art – it’s my therapy. It gets me through those days where I’m feeling down and out. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something without doing much work at all. Creative outlets – for me – it’s cathartic release. My happy place.

Thanks for reading! And welcome to all my newest followers. I appreciate y’all.

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  1. I fully understand your frustration with not sleeping. My sleep app, tells me my average sleep duration is 6 hours and 23 minutes when I sleep. My solution has been to stop worrying about it all and to sleep when I am tired. Guidelines are guidelines, and for whatever reason, they don’t really work for me. I try to make sure that when I sleep, it is dark outside. Otherwise, I do what makes me happy, and let everyone wonder how I get so much done in a day’s time. 😊 I hope you find what works for you.

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  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks! I feel your pain. For me it comes and goes. Some nights I can fall asleep as soon as I crawl in bed. Other nights not at all. Funny how our bodies work. This leads me to writing blog posts at 5 am lol

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