In the spirit of Christmas

It will be early Sunday morning by the time you read this. I will be off to church playing the organ again. It’s the last Sunday service I’ll be playing before advent begins. December is a big month for the church. But with COVID, we’ve had to cancel all our annual Christmas parties – which is just a depressing in itself.

I decided to plunge into the Christmas spirit early which is normally my favorite time of year. It hasn’t been the same since mum died back in 2014. But we try our best to get the family together for dinner. COVID or not. We haven’t seen much of each other all year. We’re going to make the most of it — you can’t ask people not to see families for an ENTIRE year. It’s not right. And it’s not fair. Especially since I live alone and the isolation is maddening. Don’t worry. We’ll be under the limit. Unless they ban socializing all together.

Ergo – getting into the spirit of Christmas early. With music! And decorations. Lots of decorations. I’m placing an order with Michaels right now – did you know they do curb side pick up? It’s pretty great. The one positive thing about this year. More options for online shopping. And more ways to spend money!

But I’m picking up a small tree tomorrow. Just a 4 footer. It’s my last Christmas in this condo. I haven’t had a tree in a couple of years. So I want to go all out and just decorate as much as I can.

I’m also going to make some Danish paper ornaments for the tree. I haven’t done it in years. Thanks to youtube, I think I remember how. And thanks to Michaels — I can get everything in one spot.

I spent the weekend organizing my external drives and found a whole bunch of Christmas music that I recorded last year. This led me to the brilliant idea of trying to release two albums in the two weeks. It’s doable. It’s something to pass the time. And it gets me motivated to continue learning about music production and improving my craft.

Even though I only have 63 followers on Youtube. Do you think you could help with that? A few hundred subs and that would really make my Christmas.

While recording the Huron Carol, I decided to experiment with different sounds. I played it safe all these years using only the piano in my compositions. Well, no more. For the Huron Carol, I decided to record it with instruments that would have been around the time the song was written. That was a fun study.

And then I got the fantastic idea of creating another album of music like this. I’ll be working on a Danish album – albeit short. Maybe 5 or 6 songs. I’ll be releasing them on Spotify, Apple Music and you can also listen for free on my Youtube channel. Please sub. I’d love you forever.

So, I know I’ve said many times I wouldn’t promote music here. But this blog is growing fast. And music is a passion. It just comes and goes in spurts. You can’t have Christmas without the music. Maybe I’ll just stick to posting on Sunday mornings about music. It’s my first love.

I’m also revamping my Youtube channel in hopes of attracting a larger audience. I’m learning to create thumbnails using Canva and am having a lot of fun with it. I’m also thinking I might take some music history courses and create a second channel to cover what I learn.

Anyone looking for a full time music promoter to work from home? Because, I’d be amazing at that. I do this all for free now.

My sister and I got into an argument one year about how I could record music if I don’t play these instruments. It’s easy. I use a digital audio workstation called Cubase PRO. I upgraded it and have access to thousands of instruments. I’ve also invested in many instruments – like Forest Kingdom, London Strings, and have gravitated towards free instruments like Spitfire Audio labs. I’m sorry. I’m getting my geek on here. Musicians can be geeky too.

People ask why I’m always broke. This is why – lol.

The Huron Carol is a Canadian song that was composed in 1642. I used instruments like the pan flute, a lute-like guitar, and added a soft piano which is muted. It’s a very different sound than I normally go for and I love it. You might need headphones for this one.

And in case you forgot – please subscribe. Only 40 more to go and I can customize my channel name. 1,000 subs will allow me to monetize the channel!

Here’s another favorite of mine – What Child is This – Greensleeves.

PS – there’s also a little lesson in the description box about the background of the song and where it came from. I may do a short concert on youtube if I have the time with this info.


It costs money to produce good music. And it’s really hard to earn more than pennies from streaming services. So while this is not a music blog, I’m going to ask for your help. If you love the music, then please subscribe to my channels – follow me on Spotify. And please – consider donating. I love coffee. You could buy me a cup of coffee.

Donations for music projects

Help fund future music projects. I need a new piano. Mine is on loan.


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