It snowed. A lot. Like really, a lot.

Last night was terrible. I couldn’t sleep at all. I crawled into bed around 2 am but was still wide awake around 5. I must have got some sleep at some point because I remember some weird dreams. I pretty much just stumbled out of bed (literally), about thirty minutes ago. It was 11:15 am.

I’m sitting down late with my usual breakfast of instant coffee and a bagel. These are my complex carbs for the day. I forgot I had some leftover vegetable lasagna in my fridge. I’m still sort of doing the fasting thing but I’ve been lazy in the cooking department.

It was a frozen meal that I reheated and it was absolutely scrumptious. I’m definitely getting that again. I’m taking a break from cooking until the mice disappear. I scrubbed the heck out of the spot behind the oven – it was gross. I nearly threw up. And there were more behind the fridge. The sad thing, is the mice are mocking me I’m sure of it. They were dancing and pissing on right on top of the trap. I took a picture and sent it to the exterminator saying as much. I’m counting down the days until I move from this hell hole – 127 days now.

I’m vulgar. I know it. I swear a lot. I don’t apologize for it. It is what it is. I blame my ex, the military gun addict who swore like a Navy sailor.

I’m not sharing a picture with you. I want to forget it. Here’s a picture of my balcony instead. That’s a lot of snow for the height.

It snowed – a lot. Like, really, a lot.

As you all know from my post yesterday, it snowed. A lot. It was like we got all the snow for the winter in one night. This is one reason I like to rent condos. I don’t have to shovel. Like my sister did four times last night. You can’t let that stuff get piled up. Otherwise you can barely lift your shovel. Shoveling is good cardio though – if you were wondering.

And I guess snow is kinda pretty at times. Just not when you have to drive in it.

Who is the greatest game show host ever?

Man I’m tired. And cranky. I also woke up the sad news about Alex Trebek. I used to watch Jeopardy with my granddad. He would bet me a $1.00 every time I got a question wrong. I was a stupid kid. Little did I know that he had already seen most episodes before coming over for afternoon tea. I lost a lot of fake money to him.

Alex was a regular in our house during tea time for many years. What a sad loss. He seemed to be doing so well last month. But when you’re ready to go, you’re ready to go. I get it. My mum was that way too. She just let go and she was done.

I teared up a little bit last week when the news that Sean Connery had died. He was another of my mum’s favorites. She loved him as Bond – the bestest James Bond ever she said. She had seen almost all of his movies.

Well, I guess heaven got a little brighter this week and I hope mum found her way to these men to share a cup of tea with them.

If you haven’t heard the news yet – which it’s all over the internet – here you are. Sorry.

Spotify Playlists

My coffee is getting cold again. I should really drink it before sitting down to blog. But my day is off to a very late start. I hate sleeping in that late. It’s a waste of a day. But the reason I was up so late last night is that I discovered a great thing with Spotify.

You can organize your playlists and put them into folders! There’s also no limit to the playlists you can create. Can you imagine that? All those years plugging money into Itunes and I could have been doing this instead. I used to spend whole Saturdays downloading music and creating playlists like this. Now I can spend a couple of hours on Spotify and get the same thing. It’s time well spent.

Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a music editor or “picker” for movie soundtracks. But it’s all who you know in that industry. I don’t know anyone really important like that. And so, Spotify playlists will have to do.

I have playlists for literally every mood. There are playlists by the decade – from the 50’s to now. There are mood focused playlists like for Road Trips, Rain Day mixes, mellow mixes, etc. And now I’ve added in world music mixes.

Music. It’s my one passion in life. I can listen to music for hours or until my ears hurt from the headphones. I’m convinced I’ll be giving Spotify $10 every month for the rest of my life – until something better comes along. So long, Itunes! I hated it so much. It crashed often. And once it even deleted all my music from my harddrive. That was when I made the switch.

I may have even created a Christmas playlist last night. And I might even be listening to it now. Hey, don’t judge me. It’s the snow. I’m feeling it right now. Once all my junk is picked up tomorrow, I’m going through my Christmas decorations and will come up with something creative for my living room.

I think part of it is because it’s so dark so early now at night time. By dinner time it’s pitch black outside. The Christmas lights make it so much brighter.

And so, that’s my Sunday post. Today will be filled with cleaning. My laundry is all done and the hard work is finished. I just have to wash the floors and go through more boxes from dad’s house. So many boxes.

On that note, I wish you a good day and leave you with this little song from my friend, Maria Dunn – a very talented singer and songwriter. It’s a good message for the day – Take it Easy on Me.

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