I’m craving my mum’s chicken pot pie

Yesterday morning as I sat around moping and deciding what to do for the day in terms of food, I texted my bro in law to wish the family a Happy Thanksgiving. We haven’t always gotten along in the past but in the past few years with caring for dad – we’ve really bonded.

Color me surprised when he invited me over for dinner with their family. It was just going to be my sister, her husband, the two kids and me. And I adore the kids. They’re in high school but they’re such good kids. And Bear, as we still call him even though he’s over a foot taller than me. is looking at applying for scholarships for college. Where does the time go? My sister D and I chatted about time moving too quickly. I remember when this tall basketball playing dude was just a fat headed baby who made us all fall in love with him with burps and giggles.

Then there’s Kate. She’s just adorable and looks just like her mother. She’s a great kid and loves girly girl things. I made her a bracelet and brought a couple of extra ones for my sister. Boy was I in for a surprise when my younger sister and her newlywed of a year husband came over for dinner.

It just all made my day.

We were sad that we couldn’t get dad out for dinner. He’s locked away like he’s in jail in his long-term care centre. I did see him on Saturday but it isn’t the same. My sister will see him tomorrow. I don’t think he would have come out anyway for dinner. He’s not been doing great.

But it was a great evening. Bear poured me a too tall glass of wine and I drank it all. Dinner was fabulous with the honey glazed ham that I planned on cooking for myself. Theirs is always delicious. We had candied sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, and cabbage rolls which I haven’t eaten in YEARS. Not since mum was alive maybe.

We sat around the table and exchanged stories of family dinners when we were younger. We helped Bear plan his future and he wants to go into Business. I’m so proud of the kid and he’s not even mine.

I pretty much came home and went straight to bed and passed out from a food coma. I slept in until 10:00 am this morning and plan on doing as little as possible. I did make a berry crumble for desert potluck last night and it was delicious. My freezer is full of food now and I either need to use up all the food – or invest in a $200 freezer for my kitchen.

Today is going to be a most lazy day. I have left over ham in the fridge and chicken that I whipped up yesterday morning – I’m going to use that for a chicken pot pie tomorrow. One of mum’s favorite things to do with leftovers. Chicken pot pie and mini tarts.

It’s a comfort food that reminds me of mum.

I’m so glad I went for dinner yesterday. Even though I missed my mum, and we all had a good cry about the house – I am truly grateful for the family I do have and get to see.

I’m grateful for all the years I had with my mum and memories of watching her in the kitchen making her favorite recipes. Like cream of asparagus soup. Yorkshire pudding. English trifles.

I wonder… does it ever get easier? Time is supposed to heal all wounds but it seems like the more time that goes on, the more I miss her.

I’ll leave you with this recipe. My mouth is watering even though my tummy is hating me today. I might have to make this later.

Thanks for reading.

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