Fitness Tips: meal planning with recipes for weight loss (repost)

A lot of people are asking me what I eat in a single day to lose weight. Well, now that I’m back on track with cooking and eating healthy – let me tell you. Here is what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks. Batch cooking is awesome – I think I’ve mentioned that a few times!

This is a repost – however I’ve edited it and added more recipes that I eat now as I’m getting better at cooking and batch cooking for fall. This is one of the warmest falls we’ve had in years so it’s been nice having longer days.

Breakfast Options

Breakfast happens between 7:00 am and 10:00 am depending on the day. I’m getting better at starting my days early from Saturday-Monday. These are my cooking days where I can spend a bit more time in the kitchen. On the weekends, I’ll take the time and make things like omelets, scrambled eggs, or a large smoothie with fresh fruit. One of my favorite things to do that reminds me of my mum is to dip toast into a soft boiled egg.

If I’m intermittent fasting, which I do two or three times a week, the only thing I’ll have for breakfast is a glass of cold milk, a cup of coffee and lots of water.

  • Hard or soft boiled egg with a piece of brown toast
  • Piece of fruit with yogurt
  • Yogurt mixed with special K cereal and berries
  • Scrambled eggs – a rare occasion
  • Toast with peanut butter – one piece
  • Bagel with cream cheese (I won’t eat bread the rest of the day)
  • Homemade muffin or piece of oatmeal bread

Egg and vegetable bake with feta cheese

Lunch Options

Lunch will vary from day to day depending on what I ate the previous night and whether I remember to bring my lunch to work or not. These are a few ideas I have for the next two weeks. Lunch is where I struggle the most and run out of good ideas. I try to avoid eating bread for lunch if I’ve had bread for breakfast. Otherwise, there are days where I’ll just have a couple of pieces of bread with grain peanut butter if I’m feeling lazy. Being at home now and off work, it’s much easier to prepare a healthy lunch.

  • Raw vegetables, hummus and a side of protein (deli chicken or cooked ham)
  • Lettuce wraps with protein (chicken, beef, tuna), cucumber, a dab of mustard and ranch dressing and cottage cheese
  • A bowl of hot soup either homemade or dry mix: creamy asparagus, tomato, vegetable soup – (check out some of my recipes) paired with a delicious grilled cheese sandwich
  • A bowl of salad: chicken salad, tuna-cottage cheese salad, kale or garden salads
  • Hardboiled eggs with a side of flax crackers and cheese (cream cheese or sliced)
  • Or leftovers from the night before if I’m feeling lazy
Creamy tomato soup

Dinner Options

As a single person, I often have lots of left overs when I batch cook. Whatever I don’t eat right away, gets frozen for a few months. Or — I’ll eat for leftovers the next day. This results in me only cooking two or three nights of the week. The rest of the week, I’ll just eat things like deli meat, cheese and crackers, soups – things that are easy to whip up. Some nights I’ll just have a PBJ sandwich or bowl of cereal!

Dinner usually consists of a large portion of protein (ham, chicken, or fish) with a side of steamed or oven roasted vegetables. If I’m feeling lazy, I might just eat raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado (okay, that’s a fruit but still). Cooked vegetables include cream corn, brussels, beets, potatoes (once in a while), mushrooms, onions, etc. I usually eat dinner between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm depending the day and what I’ve got planned. I try not to eat past 9:00 pm. On fasting days – I eat meals in an eight hour window – 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm or 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. This also depends greatly on my sleep schedule.

Important to note: I don’t eat pasta or breads every day – but I love bread and this is why I can’t do really low carb diets. I’ll eat bread in moderation – every other day. The key for me is sticking to under 1500 calories daily and under 100 grams of carbs. If you want to learn more about fasting and healthy diet plans – check out my this post on intermittent fasting.

Here are some dishes I make for dinner:

  • Ham, broccoli and potato casserole
  • Tuna or chicken casserole – casseroles are just so versatile
  • Slice of ham with steamed vegetables or frozen like brussels with cheese sauce
  • Pasta casserole with vegetables – rice cooker
  • Pork dumplings with Jasmine rice
  • Stir fry with lots of vegetables and beef
  • Homemade soup with a grilled cheese sandwich (on really cold days)
  • Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese – this is delicious and cooked from scratch
  • Butternut squash noodles with a side of protein
  • Chili or bean dip with tortilla chips
  • Meatloaf (making this soon) with mashed potatoes and steamed carrots
  • Stews – I’ve yet to make a stew this year
  • Fish: shrimp stir fry, baked salmon or breaded fillets with a side of home made potato chips
  • Spinach quiche with lots of cheese
  • Quinoa cooked with vegetables
Cheesy Ham and Broccoli Casserole

Meal schedules:

I’m updating this post for fall cooking. I love batch cooking and baking this time of year – my freezer is full of frozen soups and fruit ready to be plucked and used in something delicious.

  • Sunday: casserole and batch cooking night
  • Monday: leftovers from Sunday
  • Tuesday: cooking night with one of the many options above
  • Wednesday: leftovers over from Tuesday
  • Thursday: fasting day – I’ll fill up on protein and fibre
  • Friday: shopping day – that means washing vegetables and pre-prep
  • Saturday: this is my treat day where I can order in after a visit with dad. I might even have a drink or two. Or I go for dinner with friends (pre-COVID)

Snacks and Healthy Dessert Ideas

  • Fresh avocado with salt and pepper
  • A mix of fresh fruit including oranges, strawberries, bananas, blueberries and raspberries
  • A cup of Greek yogurt with some berries
  • A homemade smoothie for when I’m not very hungry but need a boost
  • Rice crackers and cheese
  • A piece of whole wheat or flax seed bread with peanut butter
  •  Hard-boiled eggs
  • A cup of low-fat pudding (60-90 calories each)
  • A piece of homemade loaves or bread
  • Homemade apple sauce — I’ll be making this tomorrow
  • Fruit crumbles can be made with any fruit – apples, berries, peaches. I still have some crab apples I need to use soon.
Apple Crumble

Now that I have a new oven range and instant pot, I’ll be revisiting some of my older recipes and will be taking new photos for you. I’ll share recipes as I get into the kitchen and cook more. I love this time of year – don’t you?

Comfort Food – Chicken Noodle Soup


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