Friday morning coffee and a bagel

It’s early Friday morning as I write this. It’s still dark outside – or more accurately, it’s twilight time. This is my favorite time of day when I’m awake to see it. The world is still peaceful and quiet. I have a hot cup of coffee. I just polished off a delicious bagel with whipped cream cheese. My carbs for the day .And I’m listening to a great playlist on Spotify – the Autumn Music Mix.

It’s a great way to start the day. In quiet contemplation. Before the world around me wakes up and the world becomes a chaotic blur of neighbours leaving for work and the young children leaving for school. Even the birds are quiet this morning. Or perhaps they’ve flown south for the winter.

I had a really productive day yesterday and am paying for it. I just popped a pain killer for my back. But I got my place almost entirely cleaned. The floors are washed. The dirt under the bed has been cleaned up and tossed out. All the bathrooms are clean. Even the kitchen is almost spotless. I cleaned the counters. Cleaned the stove top. All that’s left to do is organize the cupboards.

I cleaned out my hall closet and think I found the main entry point for the mice. I bleached the heck out of it and moved one of the traps next to the entry point. My next plan of action is to buy some copper mesh and block the entrance way completely. They can’t chew through that stuff. I’ve got copper scour pads (non soapy kind) blocking three main entry points around the vents and one under the tv.

It’s that time of year again where the critters are trying to get inside. I’ve already seen TWO mice in the past month and freaked right out. I also cleaned out most of my office slash spare room. Almost all the cardboard boxes have been replaced by my mum’s old Rubbermaid containers. I just have a few boxes of things to go through in the closet. And then my bedroom closet. And then everything is done.

I’m that much more prepared for the move in the spring too. Most everything sacred is packed away neatly into tote bins. The rest of the stuff, books, dishes, clothes – will just go into boxes.

Six months and counting. I can make it just six more months. By the end of winter, I’ll be ready to move. I even cleaned out my shed – sort of. I’ll have to get rid of the empty boxes in there that I kept and need someone to pick up old appliances that I want to get rid of.

But – I feel good. I got a lot accomplished. It’s taking my mind off other things I don’t want to think about right now. Like how much I miss our family home already. The new couple is surely moved in by now. I don’t like thinking about other people in my mum’s house. I often think mum is still in the house. She often joked about haunting us long after she died.

Anyway. I should hop in the shower and get this day going. I’m picking up groceries in a couple of hours and need to get cracking on cleaning out the fridge. The less cleaning I have to do in the spring – the better!

Tomorrow I’ll see dad. And Sunday, I’ll have a small Thanksgiving dinner with just – myself. Depressing? Yes. But I saw my family this week so I am okay.

This afternoon will be spent in the kitchen. I think I might make a spinach casserole tonight and use up the leftover crab apples somehow.

Happy Friday!

How are you spending your day today?

I love starting my day listening to indie music. There’s just something about the sound of a well played guitar and husky voice.

This is the best way to start the day.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Thank you for the comment but I follow back very rarely. You’re welcome to follow this blog if you enjoy the recipes and food posts.

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  2. Interesting 💕


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