Don’t you love days when you actually get things accomplished?

It’s nearly midnight and I should be in bed soon but I’m totally wired. I had such a productive day and I’m feeling proud of what I accomplished. Those who know me, know that I’m a serious procrastinator. I’ll find any excuse to put things off – like cleaning. But today, I spent the whole day working on my condo and I feel lighter and better for it.

I started off in the spare room and went through all the cardboard boxes in my closet. I got rid of half of them. There’s still a couple that I don’t know what to do with. Old electronics that don’t work but have personal information on them. Do I keep them? They pile up after a while. I’ve had a few cell phones in my life.

Last weekend I started on the clean out and got rid of two boxes of shredding I had been holding to. I was putting it off until I bought a shredder – but that never happened. So, two boxes of shredded done and gone. By hand. I found another box of old papers I had to go through.

So… the big project is done. FOUR boxes of shredding and recycling all gone.

I broke down a lot of boxes I was saving for the move in the spring but decided to haul them downstairs to the recycle bins. I think I did at least four trips back and forth. I have another couple of loads to take out tomorrow.

I’m still trying to downsize which means next – I have to go through my bedroom closet and purge. I have too many clothes. I have a hard time letting go of clothes because they are just so damn expensive. Same with shoes – though I don’t have many to give.

All the stuff I brought home from the house is packed away into air tight Rubbermaid containers. Mom loved her Rubbermaid storage bins. There were so many by the time we cleared out the basement, that we all took home about ten each and there were still plenty more to give away.

What cleaning out dad’s house taught me was this:

I don’t want my family to have to do this after I die. Going through my mother’s notes felt intrusive. And we wound up tossing so much out because she saved EVERYTHING. I’m starting to let go of old birthday cards and letters – things that I’ve held onto for years. The only things I’m keeping are notes from my dad and mom or my late grandparents.

My next job is to haul some small appliances to an ECO centre or pay to have someone pick them up. My vacuum and floor cleaner are both dead. They lasted almost eight years. I used the vacuum today and it smelled like burning rubber. I also need to toss out my old coffee maker, the old slow-cooker mum gave me (this hurts), and a few other odds and ends that need to be recycled.

Sometimes NOT driving is a major pain in the ass. But I wouldn’t be able to haul all this stuff myself. And this is why my next building is going to have an elevator. An elevator and a storage room. Those are my two main needs. A nice kitchen and good sized balcony are a close second.

I did three loads of laundry including my bedding. When I crawl into bed tonight, it will be a fresh and clean bed. There’s no better feeling than that. I also swept the floor – just needs a good wash. I’ll be picking up some steel wool for the mice this week too. And tomorrow is our last day at the house – it’s almost all cleaned up and ready to go.

It’s been good to catch up with the family. I’ve missed them since isolation began in March. Sometimes living alone – can be lonely.

I think I have PTSD from the mice in this building. Every time I see something move out of the corner of my eye, I panic . But I put a thick towel under the front door and foil under the closet door. The two areas the mice love. I really cleaned out the office so there’s no dark places for the mouse to hide.

My next plan of action will be to pick up some Peppermint Oil Spray and some steel wool.

But I tell you. I am COUNTING down the days until I move.

I just hope I can afford a nice place by then. Rents are freaking insane this year.

So, I think I’m going to haul ass to bed and call it a day – a great day — but this old gal is done.

Happy Tuesday? I guess it depends on what time you read this!

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