Dinner with Friends – Quiche & Apple Crumble

There is a massive pile of dishes currently sitting in my sink that I should put away but I don’t care. I am finally catching up with friends that I haven’t seen since before COVID hit in March. The world went into isolation and we couldn’t see each other. But we finally found a night where we both had time for a visit and I offered to cook her dinner to celebrate some good news this week. It’s kind of been a whirlwind of a week and I’m not even sure where to start with all the changes and things going on right now.

But it felt good to be on my feet in the kitchen for the afternoon. I didn’t go too crazy with the food prep. I made my usual go-to which is crustless quiche and usually a winner. The only disappointment with this recipe which was a new one – Creamy Asparagus Quiche – was that I put in zucchini and it made the dish too watery. But it was full of flavour and turned out to be delicious.

I also cooked up some shrimp and mixed them up with left over asparagus. Once defrosted, I heated them up with some butter, garlic and onions. They were delicious – a little dry – but plenty of flavour. I’ll definitely make this again.

But before all this crazy, I decided to make my first apple crumble with some of the crab apples my sister gave me yesterday. I had only tried to make apple crumble once and it did not work out well. I though this batch might have been too dry – but it turned out to be amazing. I’ll definitely make this recipe again. I also want to learn to work with pastry and experiment with more recipes like this. It’s mostly healthy after all. I added some rolled oats and brown sugar which I think made the flavour pop.

After dinner we sat in my dark living room – and enjoyed catching up and reliving stories from our past. We’ve been friends for TEN years. That’s a long time for me. Sure, I have friends from old jobs and school that I chat with – but there are very few people I see socially. And it was great to catch up.

It also got me thinking about friendships and has left me with deep thoughts.

Friends come and go throughout your life. Some leave lasting impressions while others fade away with distance and time. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with that person. Sometimes life changes and people drift apart. Sometimes people change and you find yourself with little in common and so, you stop seeing each other.

But every now and then, a rare gem comes along. And these are the friends that you can sit with after many months apart – or sometimes even years – and act like no time has passed. You can pick up easily where you left off. There’s never drama. It’s just easy.

These are the friends you are to be treasured.

Thanks for the company and conversation MD. I’ve missed you.

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