Friday morning thoughts — I really hate mice

Last night I stayed up way too late cleaning and watching season three of Sex and the City. This show goes fast – episodes are only about thirty minutes long. It’s an easy watch and you forget what happened quickly. But during one episode, I let out a piercing scream that I’m sure my neighbours heard.

Not too far from my left foot was the biggest mouse I’ve ever seen. And it was so close to me. I felt like it was taunting me.

Did I mention I freaking hate mice? This has been a problem since I moved into this building five years ago. They didn’t tell me about the mouse infestation. Every August-September we have an infestation.

The weird thing about this one is – there are no signs of droppings or a nest anywhere. The exterminator was here a couple of weeks ago resetting the bait traps which are indeed poisonous. He figured that they may have been coming in from the shed outside which I keep forgetting I have.

So, I spent a good couple of hours cleaning the hell out of everything. My place isn’t spotless. I have too much stuff for that after clearing out my dad’s house. But it’s not a pigsty either. It seems when I get careless about the dishes – that’s when they come out foraging for food. I took care of all that last night.

But let me tell you. It was a restless sleep. I hate mice with a fiery passion. I had bedbugs in my old Mainstreet apartment and it’s something I never wanted to live through again. Mice at least aren’t as bad – but they’re still disgusting. And it was so close to me. I felt like I was being held hostage in my chair as the thing scurried SLOWLY across my floor.

In other news, I stepped on the scale this morning and was down a couple of pounds. I also used the tape measure and I’m down another half an inch around the waist. I have no idea how. I’m not really doing anything different. Maybe it’s my diet or sleep. Who knows. I’m not complaining. Once I fit into my old swimsuit I’d like to head to a pool for water fitness classes.

I’m still in between jobs. I’m waiting for news on a lateral transfer but this could take up to a year or more. They said if no jobs come available, they will look at retraining. Which is great. I can really explore some work from home options then.

I know I am definitely not returning to my old office. They’ve been notified and the employer has a very clear list of restrictions that must be in place for my new job. Like I said, this could take a while.

I started sending out resumes last week on my own just as an added measure. I’d really like to explore other career options such as working from home a few days a week. This blog isn’t making any money as I don’t have it monetized and I really hate paid ads – but I’m open to sponsorships or working with partners. I’m also open to guest blogging for other people.

I love to write. This is my passion. I have a hard time sitting down to finish a book though. I have several short stories started but just can’t seem to finish them. A blog post can easily be deleted if I change my mind on what I’ve written. But once a book is out there – it’s out there. And there is no taking that back.

So, I’m sending this message out to the universe. If you have any leads for a work from home position that pays well – let me know. I’m willing to explore options that don’t include “start your own business now” scams or sales jobs that include cold calling. Those are the worst.

On the upside, it’s Friday and I’m waiting for my sis-in-law to drop off my dad’s old coffee table from the house and a few other things I don’t have room for. I need to get started cleaning on my spare room which is now basically a storage room.

Also, here is my picture of the day. From a hike years ago in the River Valley. The weather hasn’t been nice to go for long walks this year. By spring I hope to be in hiking condition again.

Happy Friday – what are you doing today?

Here’s some music to get your day going from one of my favorite youtube channels.

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