Fall Fitness Goals

Here we are at Monday morning again. It’s foggy, dark and wet outside again. The leaves are quickly falling off the trees. The leaves that are left have all turned orange, yellow and brilliant shades of red. I noticed the beauty of the River Valley on my way home from dad’s house on the weekend.

My body is still crying out in the pain as we spent the whole day Saturday cleaning out the house. I slept ALL day yesterday, can you believe it? I crashed hard at 11:00 pm Saturday night. Woke up at 3:00 in the morning. Crawled back into bed at 5:30 am, and slept right until 7:00 pm.

I finally just got out of bed now – it’s 9:00 am. I’m feeling pretty good but my back is still sore. This means I need to continue working out every day and continue to eat healthy. I’m picking up a grocery order later from the new market on 120th street – so we’ll see how that turns out.

I stocked up on zucchini, butternut squash and cauliflower. I’m hoping to make a few casseroles this week and will freeze leftovers. I’m thinking a nice zucchini noodle casserole. A ham and potato casserole. And maybe baked cauliflower with — cheese? I don’t know. There are many options to choose from. I’ll post the recipes later this week as I cook them up.

If I’m going to be home for a while, I need to focus on health and getting back in shape. I’m noticing that my pants are fitting slimmer – they are baggy in the legs. I put on an old shirt the other night and it was swimming on me. I couldn’t tell if I had lost that much weight or if the shirt had stretched out. But it made me feel good. I have a long way to go.

So, my Monday morning post is going to be about setting fall fitness goals and getting back on the wagon after slipping off it for a couple of weeks.

I’m a little late in posting in this. It’s mid-month. This challenge started September 05 and will end around Halloween.

Monthly Goals

  • Workouts: Daily – 25 out of 30 workouts – I’m at about 10 out of 14 days
  • Meals: Cook 5 out of 7 days – eat leftovers, order in every Friday only
  • Vitamins: Continue taking my daily supplements. I’m putting in an order with Amazon for a good probiotic for gut health. I hope it helps. My stomach feels better already.


I really want to sign up for aqua fitness classes at the local pool but there’s nothing scheduled yet. If I’m at home, I want to go at least once a week . If I can afford it, or find someone to go with I’d like to do two classes. It’s getting too cold for walks already but I will aim for one or two a week until the snow hits. I’m going to continue with cycling and working on strength. I need to lose more weight in the thighs to help with my knees.


I’m getting better at seeing friends again. It feels good to be social and have some sense of normalcy after being in isolation for so long. Restrictions have really eased up here. We still have to wear masks indoors. I’m going for lunches again with my friend Louise and we have one planned in a couple of weeks. I saw my family on Saturday and it felt good to catch up. I’m seeing dad weekly now. I’m getting out for food again.

And…. I’d like to meet some new male friends just to have around to chat and maybe go for drinks with. Nothing too special. Just someone new to chat with.

I think that’s it really. I’m still saving money for my move in the spring. I won’t be buying a place sadly. I don’t have enough for a down payment. But at least I can have some money left over and buy a new bed which I need desperately.

And on that note, I’m going to heat up some coffee and start my day. What are your fitness goals for the month? When I mean fitness, I don’t just meant physical fitness goals. I’m working on a complete overhaul – body, mind and spirit – so I can get healthy, and stay healthy!

Happy Monday!

Fall hiking 2010

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