Saturday night thoughts


It’s very late in the evening on Saturday night as I am typing this out. I wasn’t going to write today but I had such a great day that sometimes you just have to share all your accomplishments. When you live with chronic medical conditions that cause chronic pain – celebrating the good days are important.

We sold our family home of nearly 50 years this week and we got started on cleaning the house out today. I arrived at the house around 11:30 and got right to work. I haven’t seen most of my family except my dad and my one sister D since lock down started in March.

It started off us just as girls carrying boxes upstairs and going through Christmas decorations and other things my mum collected for us over the years. It felt really good to purge through things and I have three boxes of stuff waiting for me. That means I need to continue the purge at home to start making room. I think I’ll be donating some items to Good Will or other charities very soon in the future.

It feels good to do that. To let go of things you don’t need or don’t use and to give them to someone who will appreciate them. Most of the furniture I got when I moved out was all second hand.

We took a coffee break around 4:00 pm. That’s when I realized this was the longest I had been out doing “work” and it felt good. But in the end, I wound up over exerting myself and now my legs are punishing me for it.

I started off with energy and bolted up and down stairs with my bad knee. Now I can barely walk. I just popped a pain pill but I’m still feeling it in every muscle. Lifting boxes. Carrying heavy books. I feel it ALL over.

But it felt good to be out for an entire day. Catching up with the family. And even seeing my niece and grand nephew again. I love these kids. They’re all growing so fast. The youngest three are all turning sixteen this year!

We wrapped things up around 7:30 pm and my sister drove me home. We had a good chat about things. We were talking about money and I told her for the first time, I managed to pay off the majority of my credit debt. I have a little bit of a savings account that I throw money into every month. But mostly – I paid off nearly $10,000 in credit debt this year.

She asked me how the hell did I do that.

“I didn’t go anywhere,” I said. “I didn’t travel, I didn’t take cabs anywhere, and I really haven’t bought anything other than food and the basics.”

She went silent for a moment as she thought about it, “Let that sink in, how much money we spend on travel and non essential items.”

I was living paycheck to paycheck like most people. I still am. But by staying home for ten months and doing very little socializing, I managed to pay off $11,000 in credit card debt. I did get a small settlement from worker’s comp for my illness. I even got some back-pay. But it wasn’t a substantial amount of money.

Not only did I manage to pay off my line of credit which had been up to $8000, but I also managed to pay off my Visa and I paid off an extra $2000 on a loan that I am paying off which shaved off 40 months and some interest.

It blows my mind when I think about it and this really motivates me to find some work I can do from home. I’m saving so much money from not commuting to work – from not traveling or taking weekend trips.

I cut back on things like cable because I was tired of shelling out $75 for shows that I didn’t want to watch. I got my phone bill lowered and got on a fixed plan for my power bill.

I can’t tell you how it feels to have that burden lifted. I know – I’ve been there. Debt weighed me down for years and my spending was out of control.

COVID was a mixed blessing.

My sister got to bond with her family. I got my health in order. I worked on music. And I saved money while being at home.

I know this wasn’t the case for many people and I don’t mean to brag about it. And I’m sorry if it comes across that way. I don’t mean to.

I’m so proud of myself for getting to the place I am now where I can breathe. I can relax. I can plan for the future and maybe in the next couple of years – buy a home of my own.

And on that note…. the drugs have kicked in and I think it’s time for bed.

I feel good about today. It felt good to be out with family and good to be doing some physical work and getting the body moving again. I feel like I accomplished something worthwhile.

I feel like life is about to change for us all. And for once, I welcome it with open arms.

And on that note, it’s time to soak myself in the tub and go to bed. My knees are SCREAMING at me and I’m going to feel this tomorrow.

G’night world.

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