The Devonian Gardens – floral photography

Years ago, I joined a photography hobby club online and a few of us got together for a day trip out to the Devonian Gardens – now called the University of Alberta Botanic Gardens. We had mixed weather – the day started off chilly but sunny. By mid-afternoon we witness a massive downpour and it put a halt on our activities.

But – I got a lot of good tips when it comes to photography and I got some brilliant shots that day. Some of my best. And even though only three of us showed up – we had a great time and then stopped for lunch to compare photos.

I will share my top five photos with you from this trip. There are many more to go through! I really should get a Flickr account going.

From the old Asian gardens


Another angle

A close up this fly on a flower

I had this one printed out – it still looks great

It’s all about the perfect timing and getting lucky.

Such a beautiful scene – this was after the rain storm

We were at the garden last year for my sister’s wedding and it’s changed a lot in the last decade. But if you’re looking for a day trip to catch some beautiful photos – I can’t recommend this location enough.

I’m itching to get out with my camera again. This year was a bust. I’m hoping to move to a new condo in the spring – somewhere close to the parks so I can go for long walks again. This neighbourhood is literally killing me – there’s no where really safe to go wander around. Which is sad because it was a nice and quiet place when I moved in. Now it’s pretty sketchy and filled with litter everywhere you turn.

I would love to head back to the Botanic Gardens…. but I still call it the Devonian!

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