Sunday Morning Mood – missing the mountains

Short post today. I’m waiting for my laundry to finish so I can get dressed and gone for church this morning. No, I’m not a religious person. But most of you know by now that this is my only way to connect with my Danish family and friends and learn about my heritage. It’s also the only way I can play music for other people on a weekly basis.

We’re doing services every two weeks now and I’m okay with that. At least it gets me out and I can see people again. I miss people. I miss that connection.

I’m also excited about the chance to be working from home. It’s an accommodation my physician and therapist requested until January at least during COVID. The department has a year to accommodate these requests and find a suitable position for me. If they don’t, then it’s duty to accommodate to somewhere else in the government. And if that fails after another year, then it’s retraining. And back to school I go (I hope).

I’m going to look for free courses I can take part time in the evenings and weekends – online – I just don’t know what to focus on. My mind seems to be all over the map. But I don’t want to sit at home for another year with nothing to do.

So, if anyone knows of good paying jobs that I can do from home – let me know. That’s an option too and one I discussed with my case manager. I’m toying with the idea of medical transcription training. I’m super fast with data entry and it’s one of those jobs you can do on your own.

I’m pleased with this result. The stress is mostly gone. I’m sleeping again. Up by 7:30 or 8:00 am every day this past week. Sometimes I need a nap but I’m doing really good for sleeping. I feel better. Lighter. More relaxed. More like me.

It’s a cold and cloudy day outside which makes it hard to get motivated to go out. Tomorrow is supposed to be 11C which is really cold for this time of year. Reminds me of cool crisp mountain weather. I might plan a spur of the moment trip to the mountains in October. If we can’t do family dinners, then that might be the only solution – pack my bags and go away for a few days.

I miss the mountains. I love everything about being in the mountains. I miss mountain hiking and getting lost while wandering through beautiful ancient pine trees and listening to the sound of the leaves blowing gently in the wind. Listening to the sound of the water trickling in a nearby creek. Or stopping to admire a waterfall.

Doing this was one of the most profound and grounding experiences of my life and I miss it. Hopefully next year I can be in good enough shape to try again. But yeah. Maybe next weekend since we don’t have a service planned.

Well, off to “work” I go…. it’s not really work though. It’s totally a social thing and I miss my Danish family.

Happy Sunday.

My magical place in Hinton, AB
Getting lost in the trees – God’s Canvas


Oy vey. Remind me to proofread before zipping out the door. I must need more coffee. The service went splendidly. And I got to see some lovely friends I haven’t seen in a while.

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