The Danish Museum, a magical place to visit

Hello fellow readers! After my announcement of hitting 500 followers, I’m feeling extremely motivated to pump out more great content for you to read. I earned a few more followers yesterday and had nearly 100 views! That feels amazing and it must mean I’m doing something right.

It’s September already – a few days into the month and already time is moving quickly. I was up early this morning (before 8:00 am is early here) and I’ve had a productive day of cleaning and getting things organized at home.

It always feels good to purge through the closets and toss out things you no longer use or need. I’m putting boxes together of clothes and other household items I can donate as well. When we cleaned out my dad’s house last summer – everything just got dumped into boxes and have been sitting in my spare room. I’m moving in the spring – so will need to really buckle down. I also need to clean out my storage shed outside which I keep forgetting I even have. Time to put away the balcony furniture and flower pots which makes me a little sad.

I said I would start sharing pictures from my early travel days and why not start today! My photography hobby started in 2010 when I picked up my first digital camera – a Nikon P100. I have moved up to the P900 which I used for this shoot. But I have not gotten much use out of it. Between being sick, gaining weight – and COVID – this summer was a complete wash.

But I have many older photos I can share with you!

i call this one – “life is moving pretty fast” – yes, I quoted Ferris.

Nature Trails – Dickson, AB

These pictures were taken in 2018 when I went on a nature walk with friends to Dickson, Alberta. There is a little Danish museum. The place is like a scene out of a fairy tale. It’s magical and I have so many fond memories associated with this place.

mostlysingle – Dickson, AB

The Danes love to celebrate Danish author Hans Christian Andersen who was known for writing children’s fables and stories. It turns out, that my grandmother Karen, actually went to the same school as Hans – many, many, years ago. My grandmother died at 86 years old in 2002.

As you walk along the nature trails, you will stumble across this sign that explains the story behind the inspiration behind this magical place.

mostlysingle – a magical little place

And if the fairy-tale feel of the area surrounding the Dickson Museum isn’t enough for you – you can enjoy the beautiful nature trails, flower gardens and wildlife – like this little bird I managed to capture. It’s a great little spot for bird watchers.

mostlysingle – bird watching

A tribute to the Little Mermaid

mostlysingle – getting lost in the fairy tale like beauty

mostlysingle – an enchanted house in the woods

mostlysingle – beautiful architecture

mostlysingle – plenty of woodland creatures to make friends with

mostlysingle – beautiful arrangements of flowers everywhere you turn

So, if you’re looking for a great place for a Sunday afternoon drive and a nature walk – you definitely want to check out the Danish Museum and trails in Dickson, Alberta. This area has a special place in my heart and so many great memories with friends.

Unfortunately, we missed out on our annual trip this year thanks to COVID. But — I’m hoping we can go back next summer.

Dagmar Pioneer Church & Memorial Wall | The Danish Canadian Museum

Official website:

Sray tuned for more photos from my adventures over the years! I’m excited to share some of my best photography with you! I may have to use instagram for some of them as I’m running out of storage here.

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