Monday – A true comedy of errors

Ever have one of those days where it starts off as a great day, you feel good when you wake up but within about thirty minutes, you feel like crawling back into bed? Yes, today was one of those days.

I woke up bright eyed and ready to start the day at 7:21 am – for the first time in weeks. My goal was to spend some time in the kitchen and get some cleaning done.

Plans were foiled when my phone rang at 7:50 am and when I saw who was calling – my mood went from great to pissed off. Who calls before 8:00 am without scheduling it first? It’s not the first time she did this.

I went into the kitchen to get some coffee and heat some eggs up in the rice cooker. Normally, the cooker shuts off after 20 minutes. For eggs, I let them cool in the water for about an hour and then go peel them.

Well, imagine my surprise when at 9:30 am, the rice cooker was STILL going strong! I’m surprised it didn’t catch on fire or something. I was afraid to touch the eggs after cooking for 1.5 hours. But hey, you know, great to know that the thing will still cook after that much time.

And for a $20 machine, this thing can really cook. It’s great for pasta, rice dishes and steaming stuff.

I tried eating the eggs for lunch.

Now I know what RUBBER tastes like. And into the garbage they went – a half of carton of eggs. Such a waste.

Then what happened? It was just one of those days that was full of a comedy of errors.

Oh yeah – I had a shower later in the day. A roll of toilet paper – one of my last ones – fell into the shower. Completely ruined.

I can’t run out of toilet paper. People are stocking the shit out of supplies again. The hoarding is back here. People are just being dumb.

Trying to get the conditioner bottle opened while in the shower – it wouldn’t budge. My hands were slippery. The bottle slipped through my hands and landed RIGHT on my goddamn toes. I almost cried. A few curse words slipped out.

My neighbour down below me probably hates me.

I managed to make a great blueberry loaf last night. I just polished it off. It was delicious. A little dry. But overall good. Next time, I’ll just add more butter. Butter always makes baking more delicious. And it’s healthy, because blueberries right? The recipe will be posted this morning as well.

Mhmmm. Butter.

I had a nap this afternoon so my schedule has been thrown off a bit. But I will be heading to bed as soon as I finish typing this post. I also had a little mini fit this afternoon when dealing with some work issues.

Ever get the feeling that people just don’t really listen to you? You present them with all the right information. You respond to all their asks. But the information you relay back to them just doesn’t compute. You have to constantly remind them “no, this is what was agreed upon, remember? We chatted about it back in May.”

I often feel like Milton in Office Space. Such a great movie.

Or am I just a stickler for details and this trait puts people off? Who knows. Maybe that’s partially it. That’s what I was hired for – to catch other people’s mistakes. Some people just don’t like being corrected – even if the error is theirs.

Anyway. I’m rambling. Hopefully I can make it to bed without injuring myself. It’s just been one of those days.

And apparently, it’s a full moon in Pisces – so that may something to do with it. Go Pisces. We’re awesome.

Also.. stay tuned for pictures of the soup I make today. Hopefully it turns out well. To use the slow cooker or oven? I kind of like the slow cooker so I can just walk away 🙂

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