Ever had a weird dream that seemed oddly specific and familiar?


Have you ever had a dream that seemed to last a long time and was extremely specific with details.? I had a nap this afternoon as I didn’t get much sleep last night and wow, it was weird but also felt weirdly familiar.

I had a dream that I moved into a new condo building. I had no idea where it was – somewhere downtown on a street I would never consider moving to but this place doesn’t exist in real life.

It was a large building – almost hotel like. I walked through the main entrance and was floored when I saw a full liquor bar and restaurant with a ton of tables.

I walked a little further and there was a social area where a few people were gathered around a large screen tv.

Next to that – there was a theatre full of men in cowboy hats watching a show on stage in a small auditorium.

I wandered through this place and wondered how I had never been here before or how I had never heard of it.

I met a friend in the alley and we were going to dinner – but she was visibly upset when she got there. I didn’t know this woman in real life. She wasn’t the friend that I usually meet for dinner – and was actually waiting for.

She asked me if I knew where the parking lot was as she was parked in front of a meter – I didn’t know. We spent thirty minutes trying to call the maintenance man and I had no idea what his name was.

My “friend” left crying and said she wasn’t in the mood for dinner. I stood in the alley wondering what to do next. Next thing I knew I was in my new suite and it was amazing. I mean, it wasn’t new or fancy by any means. But it looked like it was well kept and had a huge kitchen and closet.

I found myself wandering through the building again. I was lost. I found my way to the bar and sat down and ordered a drink. Three older men were there who looked vaguely familiar.

They all started hitting on me and asking who would get to take me home. I laughed at the thought – I don’t usually get male attention like this. But I never look like me in my dreams either.

I excused myself after paying for my drink and wandered around the back of the building. I found the manager – a large man with a cowboy hat and boots. He was standing in a mechanical room and there were guitars everyhwere.

I thought to myself, “this is cool, I could fit in here.”

“Hey, I’m Joe. How are you settling in here?” the man asked me.

“I need a card – you know the ones you swiped to get into all the facilities. And how do I get into the parkade? I have a friend coming for dinner.”

Joe puffed on his cigar and said, “I”ll have one for you soon. Come back a bit later.”

I found myself standing outside again. I was next to a large swimming pool and there were some kids having a pool party. Loud music was playing on the sound system.

The guys from the bar were standing next to the pool having a drink. It was day time.

I went into the pool house and used the toilet. When I tried to leave the washroom, the door was locked. I pounded on the door for what seems like hours and screamed and called for help. The door popped open on its own and I nearly fell onto the grass.

I was wearing high heels – which I never wear, and had a hard time walking on the grass. It was slippery. I nearly ran into the men from the bar.

“You were in there for ages, we almost sent a search party,” one said and laughed.

“Well, you should have. I got locked in. I still don’t have card key,” I said feeling frustrated.

The man frowned at me, “Come on, I’ll take you to Joe, you should have gotten one when you moved in,” he said.

He put his arm around me, smiled at me – and boom.

I woke up.

What a weird and bizarrely specific dream! I just don’t know what to make of it!

I wish something like this existed in our city because I’d move in – in a heartbeat.

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