Making important decisions


I’ve been battling more migraines due to the hot weather so I haven’t been writing that much this week. I broke down and took a shot of Zomig last night which I hate – the taste is terrible. I also took some Gravol and Toradol.

I finally slept for more than a few hours – I blame the heat. I can’t sleep when it’s plus 28 in my condo. Who can? I can’t wait to move in the spring.

I’m being forced back to work in the next few weeks. Guess that means I won’t be retraining as we had discussed. I’m disappointed.

My doctor wanted me out of public service work all together. I think for now the compromise will have to be reduced hours to 3 days per week. This way, I’ll have my basics covered – food, bills, rent.

I’ll need to find some work to do from home on the weekends to bring in extra money. Maybe this will be the incentive I need to put more effort into my blogs and work on a youtube channel .Maybe I can finally finish some books.

I also really hope that gyms and pools open in the fall. I think joining some kind of water fitness class will help to lose weight. I’m not losing weight at home on this schedule. Getting out for a few days a week will help with that.

I think the smart thing to do is work two days a week for a few weeks and then get back into three days a week. I was working four days a week but that was too much.

What I need is a job that is flexible and doesn’t require a lot of long-term planning or “career planning”. I would like to go back to school at some point so – going part time will be a tremenduous help.

Living with chronic pain sucks – especially when it comes to migraines. It makes it tough finding full time and sustainable employment. And wcb is not interested in helping me with that – my case manager has made it clear.

That said – I can always appeal the decision on forcing me back to work early. I’m also asking to work from home until COVID is dealt with. Our cases are so high right now that it’s getting scary.

Anyway, that’s enough for me today. Happy hump day.

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