Dream Speak: facing your fears


It’s Friday morning already. Mid-August – where did the time go? This year has flown by so fast. Time seems to be slipping away from us faster each year. Or maybe that’s just something that happens with age.

I made the mistake of going back to bed after waking up at 7:00 am. I should have just stayed awake. But no, I went back to sleep for about an hour until my alarm went off. I need to stop doing that – work is coming up soon (I think) and I need to get back on track.

But the weird thing is, I had a really strange nightmare during that hour. I was back at my dad’s house. I was living on my own in the huge house. Weird things were happening.

I dreamed that I started my own store and there were boxes piled everywhere. Customers were starting to come into the store and I wasn’t ready for them.

Then I was back in the house fighting some unseen spirit in my old bedroom. The weird thing is, the bedroom had the old lino floor, paint and ceiling tiles – which were never there. Dreams are weird that way. Sometimes I wonder if we really are visiting ourselves in another dimension.

I ran down the stairs in the dream – and found a guy sitting on the old green couch watching television. The room had been trashed. There was garbage everywhere.

I tried to get him to leave. I didn’t know who he was. He just sat there, staring blindly at the television. He completely ignored my cries.

As I started to run towards the phone hanging on the wall of the kitchen, like it did back in the 90’s, I heard a growl coming from the patio door.

The glass door was wide open and the old screen door had been torn open. I ran over to try and force it shut. And that’s when I saw it.

A nasty and foul smelling wild pig. It had a long snout and was covered in dark black fur. But the smell was the worst. There was another tall looking bird creature next to him and they were both trying to get into the house.

I called to the man for help but he ignored me.

“Are you doing this?” I cried to him.

He just sat there with his hands down his pants and a smirk on his face as if he to mock me or answer “yes”.

“Please stop! This is OUR house!”

As soon as I shouted – the man disappeared. So did the pig and bird creature. Everything returned to normal. I woke up.

I’m left wondering what this all means.

A quick Google search tells me that seeing a wild boar in dreams means that you are learning to stick up for yourself, you are ready to face confrontation. You aren’t afraid to be assertive and defend what is yours.

So, what is it that I need to fight for, I wonder.

And who the hell was that guy sitting on the old couch?

These are deep thoughts that I’m left with this Friday morning.

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