Friday Mood: loving the rain

It’s Friday morning and my condo is pitch black. It’s a dreary and rainy day – but I love it. After the last heat spell – my condo was feeling muggy and had a weird smell to it.

I spent the day yesterday cleaning the entire place from top to bottom. Washed the floors. Cleaned out the window sills which were gross. And all the spots under the heating vents. I also lined up some foil under all the vents because I hear mice hate foil. And with winter coming fast – the mice will try and get into the building again.

I saw a critter run across my hallway floor the other night. Hence, my massive cleaning spree. I hate mice. HATE them. But I’m one of the few people without a cat – so the mice come in here.

I’ve lived in Edmonton all my life and have never had a mice issue. Bedbugs – yes. In a Mainstreet crappy apartment. But never mice. It grosses me out. I’m doing what I can to stop them.

So, my place is pretty clean. The kitchen is almost spotless. And I guess I should aim for that more often. I will admit I got a little sloppy last week. Careless. Note to self – kitchen must be spotless at all times.

I’m a little worried. WCB is trying to send me back to work in the fall – which I knew was coming. I have my lung test on Monday and will know more then. I’m not ready to return to full time work just yet. I was hoping to do some retraining or take some courses.

I’m buying 50/50 tickets – so maybe I’ll win a million bucks. I didn’t win the other day. But I know exactly what I would do.

I also found out that the amount of money I have to pay back my employer isn’t as high as expected. I won’t have enough left over to buy my own place next year. But I will still have a savings account – more than I’ve ever had before. I think this is because I haven’t gone anywhere in socially in ten months. And I did not take a vacation this year. Maybe next year.

Saving money is my priority right now – putting away as much as I can. I paid off most of my credit debt and only have one loan left. I got it from $16,000 in the fall – to under $13,000. Not bad, right? I haven’t made any large purchases since being at home. Except for a $300 software upgrade that I needed for music. Badly. It was six years overdue.

I do need to buy some new clothes before returning to work. And I need a haircut. So, I’ll do that at the end of the month. I still have about five weeks. I can still work on losing weight.

But the good news of the week: when I knelt down on the floor to clean yesterday – I could actually sit on my knees for a couple of minutes without screaming. That’s a huge improvement from last month. I couldn’t even kneel without screaming in pain.

I’m noticing I have more flexibility. Even my favorite blue “jama” pants are hanging loosely on my hips. That means = progress.

So, onwards and upwards, I should really do some courses online in the next couple of weeks. I was up early this morning at 7:30 – so I’m slowly getting back into a regular schedule.

I miss naps though!

As for this weekend, it’s a busy one. I see my dad tomorrow – yay. Church Sunday morning – we all have to wear masks. Family meeting on Sunday. And then my CT scan EARLY Monday morning – at like 7:45. So I have to leave really early.

So, that’s my day in a nutshell. I have my cup of coffee. My morning cup of Almond Milk which is delicious. I’m ready to face the day.

Happy Friday!

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