Day Dreaming


It’s Wednesday morning at 11:11 am on the nose and I’m feeling pretty great today after a family Zoom chat. They always leave me in a good mood. It’s the one time we all get along lol.

That and I stepped on the scale this morning and am finally down a few pounds. Finally seeing progress with all the hard work I’ve been putting in. So much for keto! But I love a lot of keto friendly recipe ideas.

This morning I also purchased 50/50 tickets for the hockey game. Yes, hockey is back in season. It’s weird – watching hockey in August. But it’s something my dad and I can do together.

I stopped buying lottery tickets years ago. I tried the other night because the jackpot was over $2 million. The website had crashed. I only spent $10 on it today. Half of those proceeds go to charity so call it my good deed for the week.

But now I’m thinking – what would I do with the money? I’ve got it all planned out. With the 50/50 winnings you get half. It’s at 1.8 million now. I suspect it will get as high as 3 million. People aren’t spending money on hockey tickets – so they have extra cash.

First off all – I would pay off my loan. I worked hard this year and got it down from $16,000 to just under $12,500 now. I paid off my line of credit and my Visa. So, that’s it. That’s the only debt I have right now. I even have some money in my savings account – which feels amazing. And I’m putting as much money as I can into that account this year.

Then I would buy a small house. Nothing fancy. I don’t need a million dollar house. I could buy my dad’s house but it’s so big. I’d get a cute bungalow or one floor house close to my dad.

I could quit my job, invest some money and work on music and art full time. You figure, with 1.5 million – you invest 1 million into some kind of RRSP or something – and I’d be set for the next 20 years. I don’t spend a lot as it is. $3000 monthly would cover essentials and give me some “funny” money too for travel, etc.

I’d give some to my dad. Who doesn’t need it – but he can get extra help when COVID is over.

I’d leave some for my nieces and nephews.

I’d travel a bit when COVID is over. I’d hit Denmark and maybe Italy. Places I really want to see before I die. I just need to be in better shape.

But mainly, I’d buy a small home of my very own outside of downtown. I’d quit work – do music and writing from home. I could do music gigging part time. Or I could even start my own home business.

The possibilities are endless when you have that kind of money.

So, fingers crossed. Here’s hoping that this time tomorrow — I’m an instant millionaire.

One can dream right?

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