Happy Monday – the sun is shining and it’s a hot one


It’s Monday morning again and it’s supposed to be a gorgeous sunny and HOT day. We’re talking up to 35C with the humidity. I might actually head out to the balcony later on.

I had a pretty quiet weekend – slept a lot of it. I think I’m fighting off a sinus infection. Seems like every time I step outside with the popular trees my allergies attack from inside out. I sneezed so hard the other night I thought I had a brain bleed. The pollen has been so bad this summer that in some places in the River Valley it looks like snow. It’s unreal.

We had a small church service and it was good to get out for half the day. Even though only a handful of people showed up and we all social distanced, it was nice to see some familiar faces and play the organ again. But boy, I’m rusty. I’ve been playing that thing for fifteen years. But four months of no practice – I was actually a bit nervous for the live stream.

Everything went well on our end. The live stream is still extremely glitchy though which is unfortunate. They’re working on upgrading the wifi. It seems that we have services every other week – which is a good build up to returning to work in the fall. It gets me out of the house for most of the day and puts me around people.

The province relaxed some restrictions on visiting family in long-term. My sister is seeing my dad for the first time in four months in his apartment. I’m sure it will be an emotional visit. She’s waiting to hear from our hired nurse. If she can’t visit dad, then it will likely be me seeing him twice a week. I hope so – I sure miss him.

So there’s that – a bit of good news.

I have about eight weeks left at home. I’m supposed to be returning to some kind of work in the fall but I have no idea what that looks like. There is at this time no job for me to go back to. I’m not to return to my office. So it may take a while to find a suitable placement. I’m feeling extremely anxious since I’ve been home for so long.

To get ready for this change, I’m trying to stick to a regular sleep schedule, shower every other morning, and start my day by 9 am. That way, September won’t be such a shock to the system. I’m mostly there. I’ve gotten up before 9 for the last week and stayed up for most of the day without a nap. Save for Saturday because my head was rough.

But today, I feel good. Trying to get back to moderate carb eating, cutting back on high carb foods – eating two meals a day and regular exercise. I did 40 minutes on the bike last night. It felt great. Need to get back to working with the exercise ball. I think I over did it early in July. I was working out a couple of hours a day and no one needs that much.

So, this week is all about finding a healthy balance with food, sleep and exercise. Getting back to “normal” with phone calls, meetings and anything I can do to get back to a regular schedule. Meetings and appointments are still largely held by phone. Which saves me some cab money anyway.

That’s it! That’s all I have to update. Still taking a bit of a break from writing articles. I found very few people were reading them. I’ll give some updates and tips on fasting and healthy recipes as ideas come to me.

Happy Monday.

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  1. pythoblack says:

    When 7 years ago I discovered I had diabetes, I stopped eating carbs altogether. No choice, if I want to avoid doctors and insulin. People eat way too many carbs, I see diabetes in the cards for most of my siblings and kids. I also achieved my goal of becoming full-on brahmacarya. Now, I am hungry, and horny, all of the time. There are frequent short spells when I get too weak, but they pass. Being a hermit, there is nobody for me to talk to, and if you think it is hot where you are, according to my outside thermometer it is already 103 degrees at 11:20. Thanks for listening!

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  2. pythoblack says:

    Oh yeah, what’s your YouTube channel? You have 485 blog followers, after 3 years I have only five, including me and one commercial blog. It’s a good thing I officially don’t care about views, likes, comments or follows, but unofficially it’s a bit disappointing, and furthermore I am bored and the blog idea was supposed to keep me occupied, but without views what’s the point, really? Usually, I just go out and wander the desert but not in 103 degree heat. Power to you, Wendy-Mostly_Single!


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