Friday Feelings

It’s been a weird day. I went to bed last night around 1:00 am – trying to keep to this new schedule. I couldn’t sleep no matter what I tried. Finally got up around 2:30, took some gravol and some allergy meds which always make me sleepy.

I have no idea what time I finally fell asleep. I woke up around 7:30 with a start not knowing what day or time it was. I did my usual routine, went to the bathroom, got a glass of water. And looked outside – rain. So, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to climb back into bed for a bit.

I didn’t have any plans for the day – or that I could remember. I also forgot I had turned the ringer off last night on my phone.

I didn’t wake up until 10:43. I saw that I had missed two calls and remembered with panic – I had an appointment at 11! This is why I never shut off my ringer while at home. Most appointments are held by phone these days.

I called my therapist back. Luckily, she had double booked herself and wanted to know if I could reschedule. So we did for next week.

But that moment of sheer panic – I tell you it was real.

Have you ever woke up not knowing what day it is? It’s like the brain is functioning but there’s a loose wire or some part of you is still asleep.

So, my focus for the next few days is to get my sleep back on track. That will really help with the weight loss too.

We got some good news. We can finally send in two visitors to see my dad who is in long-term care. Now we’re just sorting out the details on who will be the lucky #2. I volunteered myself since I’m not working and can see him during the day. I also miss our visits.

So, fingers crossed that everything works out well.

Now what to do with the rest of the day? Maybe I’ll hop on the piano and tinker around a bit. Tonight – I’m definitely ordering in some Chinese food as it’s my cheat day.

I’m feeling better overall after the keto flu. Joint pain is gone. Better energy and a better mood – which are all good things.

Happy Friday. How are you spending your day today?

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