Thursday Update

Here we are at Thursday morning and I’ve got nothing accomplished this week. I haven’t even lost any pounds and am beginning to think there is something seriously wrong with my hormones. This is so frustrating. Even back in January-February, I was seeing some progress. Then COVID hit and now nothing. If anything, I’m GAINING weight.

Even with eating all the right foods. Exercising every day. Counting calories. Doing low carb for a while. I gained weight. And I’m just so sick of all of this.

It’s not that I’m losing weight because I’m not happy with myself – it’s that I have to lose the weight for medical reasons. It’s impacting my overall health and even the way I breathe sometimes.

The asthma has settled down since I’ve been at home. I still wheeze on occasion but the coughing has stopped. It is not nearly what it was back in October-November.

My sleep schedule is getting better. I’ve been up and dressed by 9 – 9:30 for the last week and that is helping. I have a bit more energy.

I think part of it is the weather. It’s so warm and hot in here now. Even with both fans going – plus the heat gives off this gross smell with the wood frame of the building. I’m definitely looking forward to moving in the spring.

Another reason I need to lose the weight. So I can actually clean and pack without worry. I desperately need to get back into shape but nothing is working.

The problem with keto is the high fat foods did not agree with me. While I still use a lot of the recipes, I just felt tired and “gross” while in ketosis. I also stopped taking the vitamin B2. And the joint pain I’ve been feeling is gone.

Weird. I read that taking some vitamins can actually make joint pain worse – I’m just trying desperately to find that happy balance where I can move without pain and lose weight in a healthy way.

Yesterday was a bad mood kind of day. Things just haven’t been working out this week when it comes to my dad. I don’t even want to write out what happened because it just pisses me off. I’m hoping things get better.

And with that, my coffee is done (mhmm McCafe) and I’m going to get my day started.

Happy Thursday friends.

One thought on “Thursday Update

  1. Focusing on the things that aren’t going right are perpetuating the things that aren’t going right. Whatever your mind fixates on, you’ll get more of that thing. So if it’s not losing weight, not the right weight etc. you’ll stay stuck. Try shifting your mindset to things that are going right and the things that you can control.

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