Monday Moods

Here we are at Monday already. The days seem to be flying by so fast lately even though I am not working and don’t have much to do during the day. I’m getting bored and restless. I’m tired of not being able to see my dad. I’m tired of not being able to sit down with my family and enjoy a meal together. I’m just tired of it all.

I’ve hit a funk with blog posting and am running out of topics to chat about. I’m also finding it a bit discouraging as I’m not getting as much traffic as I used to when I first started this blog. I’m so close to 500 followers and love having you all here. I guess I’m still trying to figure out what topics people want to read about and what draws people here.

I’m also working on diet and exercise. I’m trying to get my sleep back in check. I was up this morning at 8:30, showered and ready for my sister who picked me up around 10 this morning. We were going to see my dad, who canceled our visit just as we pulled up to the building. So, we drove around, picked up a coffee and just chatted.

The sun is shining so it was nice just to be out and about. I have an iced coffee too and enjoying it. We caught up on life event’s, vented, and ended the visit with a hug. I can’t tell you how good that felt. To have a hug after all this time.

I’ve been mostly home for the past four months. Except for weekly curb-side pick up for food and one doctor’s appointment – I’ve been home. I went to church once. And everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve worn masks. My sister has been careful too. But we’re both ready for this bullshit to be over and done with. Seriously, this year feels like just such a waste.

I’m back to calorie counting and eating healthy and filling meals. I find I can only eat two meals during the day. I have a big meal around noon and then a big dinner. Sometimes I snack but I find I’m not hungry these days. Maybe it’s the types of foods I’m eating – healthy, and filling. Lots of protein.

Keto wasn’t for me. And that’s okay. I’m sticking to a low calorie diet and regular exercise. Because that is the only thing that seems to work. I find when I do this I have less cravings and tend to binge on junk food less.

But even with tracking calories on MFP, I’m convinced that either I’m not eating enough – or the tracking is way off. I ate a lot yesterday, and even though I measured everything, it was still saying I was under 1100 calories.

I feel lied to. Like all my life I was told that we should eat at least 1200 calories daily. That going below 1200 is unhealthy. And yet, here I am – eating healthy foods, feeling extremely full and getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need with my food choices.

I’m taking Vitamin B2 and will be stocking up on Vitamin D because we haven’t had a whole lot of sun this summer. And I’m usually lacking in D. I read that taking D3 at night time, can help you sleep better. So, there’s that aspect.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I think I am going to make some lettuce wraps and enjoy the sun a bit more. We don’t get too many days like this and the heat feels good.

Plus I’m having a really good hair day. So, there’s that.

Happy Monday.

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