Thursday Mood

I took a bit of a break from blogging to get away from social media for a bit. I had a run in with a troll on youtube who bombarded me with insults. I reported it to youtube and blocked the guy but when I checked back later on, there were another five messages from him calling me things like “tubby” and “you have eight pronouns you call yourself and you’re tubby trying to lose weight.”

And I was like wtf? Eight pronouns? I always refer to myself as “she”. Don’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

I hopped onto twitter and tweeted this to youtube. The help team responded and said, “if you’re in danger call your local authorities.”

I literally laughed my off. I mean, who does that? Who calls 911 over a troll on the internet? I tweeted this back to the team and said, “there’s a flaw in your system. Youtube needs to do better at allowing people to block trolls.”

I also got some not so good news and think that most of the money from my settlement will be going back to my employer. Which I don’t even know how that’s possible. They’re saying I owe them for my pension which I was okay not paying into for the year. I think this is going to wipe out my savings account. I still have to pay EI back too – but maybe I can do that on a payment plan over a year. So I don’t totally wipe out my account.

I only got benefits for three months from work for the time I’ve been at home. They cut me off in December. Gave me an extra two weeks of extended leave because I begged them to in January. Then I was on EI for months.

I don’t find it fair. The amount of stress that whole process caused is partially why I’m still at home.

My time is running out and I’m back at work in the fall. So, I’m desperately trying to ween myself off the internet and spending more time doing other things like working out 1.5 hours daily. The weather has been miserable so not much time outside.

My eating habits are on par for weight loss but I’m seeing minimal progress. I can feel my body changing. My comfy pants are swimming in the legs and thighs. But my waist and hips remain unchanged. My arms are even starting to get some definition which is nice to see. I can do more in terms of working out and feel stronger.

I’m aiming for 1300-1500 calories daily with under 100 grams of carbs – at least according to My Fitness Pal. Some days are slightly higher as I add in fibre. But this is making me very aware of what I eat.

I also got some meds delivered yesterday to keep the inflammation at bay for my skin. I had a break out and I want to get that taken care of before returning to work too.

I have an appointment later today to discuss options for re-training or at least put a plan in place. And tomorrow, I finally have an appointment with a lung specialist. I’ve been waiting almost a year for an appointment.

So, that’s my update in a nutshell for July fitness. So far.

I killed it yesterday with the exercise ball and started doing crunches and body “pull ups”. It feels great on the knees and helps to build strength. I’m hoping it will help for weight loss too.

And to the a-hole on youtube who called me “tubby”, and goes by “yourmother” and came back as “flatulencepile” as an obvious dig to me – fuck you. You’re an idiot and not worth my time. I know you’ll just get a new gmail account in minutes and create a new youtube profile. Google is deeply flawed that way.

I just know better not to engage with these idiots. I just wish we could block them on all platforms.

Anyway, enjoy the day. The sun is shining at least.

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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    Trolls are the worst! I once had a troll who somehow found my neighbor’s address (thinking it was mine) even though I never posted my address online. It was so creepy. He said he was gonna come after me and for a while I believed it. I didn’t call the cops since I was still living at my parent’s house but I didn’t sleep for 3 days. He used 3 different FB accounts to find me, threw me a handful of insults including b**** and some others I won’t mention… he did back off after I blocked him on all accounts without hesitation. Don’t reply to the trolls. There’s no reasoning with them. Block block block.

    That troll doesn’t know you and “tubby” is such a genetic insult. It doesn’t mean anything. Who is he to call you that? He doesn’t even know you. Don’t let him get into your head, even though it’s hard not to feel offended by insults. I bet in real life he wouldn’t even be able to say the things he does behind a computer screen. It’s pathetic how low trolls stoop to get attention.


  2. Wendy says:

    Totally agreed. It’s also why I’m leery of publishing this blog under my real name and using social media to promote it so much. They’re everywhere these days. And people are just vicious right now. I just had a good laugh that youtube thought I should call the cops over a few comments.

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  3. Wendy says:

    And that must have been super scary with your troll. I made a point not to list any private info anywhere online. I use fake email addresses or spam gmail accounts where possible. Learned the hard way too. Just can’t be too careful – even on facebook!

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  4. Hilary Tan says:

    I do not list private information so I have no clue how he found my address. My FB account was real and so was my email but I am not easily listed on Google (my name is real though). Still… it was very unsettling and I felt super anxious for several days after that. 😓

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  5. Hilary Tan says:

    You mean Wendy isn’t your real name? I thought it was your real name 🙊 It makes sense that you chose to use a pen name… a lot of artists like to use pen names.


  6. Wendy says:

    Oh it is! I meant my last name. Just going by Wendy on social media now! 🙂


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