Dream Speak: Precognition Dreams and Deja Vu – Part 1

My younger sister used to call me a human barometer. When it came to predicting the weather, I got really good at knowing if it was going to rain or not. I could literally feel it in my bones.

My knee would ache and I would get a mild headache. If the weather was up and down, I’d get migraines. It got to the point where if I woke up in the morning and my knee had that deep ache – I could tell you with certainty – that it was going to rain that day.

Well, here I am, many years later, sitting my recliner. It’s raining and I’m feeling it in my knees. Is this psychic ability? Am I receiving premonitions? Probably not – my doctor would tell me this is an early symptom of osteoarthritis.

Over the years, I’ve had some strange experiences with precognition and premonition dreams. But tell you about my experiences, let’s go into what a precognition is – I’ll cover premonition in a separate post.

What is Precognition?

Precognition is a term used in the paranormal world and is an ability related to psychic powers – “acquiring knowledge” or to see into the future before events happen.

There have been studies performed on precognition but there is no scientific evidence that can back up these claims. Skeptics would call this a pseudoscience, which is rarely taken seriously.

Precognition has been documented throughout history, even though there is lack of evidence of it. Ancient Shamans reported receiving second sight or knowledge about prophecies from their dreams or journey work.

As with my last post on intuition, famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle, wrote about “precog” dreams in On Divination in Sleep (I must get my hands on this).

“It is quite conceivable that some dreams may be tokens and causes of future events”. But he later dismissed this as “merely a coincidence”.

Natural Law

According to researchers and studies, precognition would go against the natural law of physics. An effect could not happen before its cause. Information cannot be passed backwards in time. Physical particles would be needed to carry the information to the past. Precognition is often dismissed as nothing more than a delusion.

However, some in the scientific community have suggested that a possible mechanism for precognition is retrocausality. This concept suggests that an effect may precede its cause in time.

Are you mind blown yet? You can get lost in the rabbit hole that is metaphysics and a lot of it, to be honest, goes over my head. Sometimes I think I would have made an excellent Greek philosopher like Aristotle – I really should read more of his published works.

Deja Vu

Deja Vu is another term linked to pseudo psychology. It is described as the feeling that one has lived through a present situation or event before. Many scientists consider Deja Vu to be paranormal – however, mainstream scientific debunks this as nothing more than coincidence or believed to be impossible.

Normally, I would try and debunk paranormal activity to the best of my knowledge and research. But I too, like many other people around the globe, have had my own experiences with Deja Vu and Precognition dreams.

My first Precognition Dream

My first real trippy experience with precognition was when I was dating my long-time boyfriend Cory. We had been dating for almost three years. I was twenty, and he was slightly younger than me. We got along really well. Our families loved each other. And we got along with each other’s parents.

We spent most of our weekends together. But at the time, I didn’t have a lot of friends of my own and I clung onto him. I think it wore us both down. We got stuck in a rut.

I had quit my job at the liquor store and was working for a music store on Whyte Ave towards the end of our relationship. I also bought my first piano during this time – Cory let me keep it in the basement at their place.

I knew our relationship was suffering and I was having nightmares from the anxiety it caused. I was also chatting again with James – yes, I’ve known James for that long. This was in back in 2000.

It turns out, as I found out later, that Cory had read my chats with James. Cory was a gamer and that’s all he wanted to do on the weekends. So, when I was over at his place, I listened to music and played the Sims – the relationship had fallen apart.

I wasn’t feeling well one day and went for a nap in his room. I fell asleep fast and went straight into a dream.

The Roller Coaster Ride

I still remember this dream vividly and the fear that I felt in the dream. I can still hear my high pitched scream. Cory and I were in his car together, it was a small little sports car – a Z28 that he loved to drive recklessly in. We actually got in a minor car accident one day because of it.

In the dream, we were fighting. As the fight worsened, he drove faster. The faster he drove, the narrower the road became. I asked him to slow down the car and this made him laugh this maniacal laugh.

“You want me to slow down?” he said, “Okay!”

I watched in horror as he slammed his foot on the gas pedal.

The car started overheating. Everything around us turned red. The sky was red. The road was red. I could hear carnival music from a distance.

I looked down – out of the window of the passenger side. I screamed. A high pitch scream. A sound that I didn’t think a human could make.

The road had turned into a roller coaster path, like the skinny rail paths from Minecraft. The car morphed into a tiny red cart with handrails. There was nothing to keep protect us from falling out.

“Please Cory, I’m sorry,” I cried, ” Please, stop the car, I want to get out now,” I begged him.

His laughter was like this high pitched mechanical squeal, and I realized that it was the sound of the metal from the car touching the tracks. I watched in horror as the car started moving even faster – and the tracks started to disappear.

“I’m falling,” I said with a gasp,”Please help me, I’m going to fall out,” I cried.

Cory only laughed more. But his voice changed. It grew deeper, more menacing. He loomed over me and his face changed. He turned into this horrible evil clown face – something that I’m paranoid of. I hate clowns.

The carnival music became distorted like a music box that was slowly dying. And then suddenly, everything just stopped and became quiet.

Cory stopped laughing. He was back to his normal self. I was hanging out of the car – holding on for dear life. The music had stopped. The once red sky and pavement had turned black – black like coal.

“Please, help me,” I whimpered with one hand holding onto the car door.

“No,” he said in his normal Cory voice. “You’re finished.”

I shook my head as he grabbed my hand and pried it from the door handle. He held onto my hand momentarily, before letting it go. And I started to fall.

As I was falling, for what seemed like hours, I woke up with a scream in Cory’s bed.

He was standing RIGHT over me. He had been trying to wake me up for a while and knew something was wrong.

Without thinking, I just wrapped my arms his shoulders and he just held me as I sobbed. The dream had felt so real.

A few weeks later, Cory broke up with me for the second time. We had been having issues for a while. I think we both knew that we had gone as far as we could in our relationship. I wanted and yearned for something he could not give me. And he wanted to “see what was out there”.

They say that if you die in your dream – you die in real life. And I sometimes wonder, if Cory hadn’t been there to wake me up – what would have happened?

Nightmare Clown Part 2 - YouTube

To be continued…

Stay tuned for more Dream Speak – I’ll be sharing stories and experiences I had in my youth as part of a book project I’m working on.

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