Fitness Progress – month end June 2020

Okay, so I’ve gone back into using My Fitness Pal to track everything I eat and how much exercise I’m doing. As per my new fitness challenge for the summer, I swore to track stats for at least thirty days to see if it makes a difference.

My peeve with MFP is that most of the exercises I do aren’t in their database. I know the calorie burning calculations are an estimate – but I don’t even know what some of these exercises are called. So, I guess choosing the next best thing is my only option.

I use an exercise ball daily for my back and to help build strength in my knees. I’ve started using it for my upper body and arms. I’m noticing a difference already. I used to suffer from inflammation in the arms. What’s helping with that is a lot of water, and regular exercise.

It’s easier to exercise with it being cooler this week. I don’t do well in extreme heat. I enjoyed a short walk this morning while waiting for Wally to drop off my grocery delivery. I think I over did it. My fridge is full. But I can batch cook and freeze left overs.

I am finding MFP useful for seeing how much food I’m eating. It does give you the tools to track how many calories (estimated) you are taking in and how many calories you are burning off.

A week into this challenge – and three days into tracking – and I’m feeling good about it.

Fingers crossed. Here’s hoping. I’m finding I’m craving sweets less and the thought of drinking pop makes me sick. I’m drinking less coffee and more water. I bought a pitcher so I have can have crystal light mixed water on hand at all times.

I have 11 more weeks to get into shape. How are you doing with your fitness goals and challenges? What do you use for tracking?

If you’re on MFP, come find me under mostlysingle.


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  1. M.A.D. Hagan says:

    I use My Fitness Pal, and found it’s quite helpful with tracking my calories and carb intake.

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  2. Wendy says:

    Yes I used it years ago when I first lost 70 pounds. It is useful to see how much you’re eating. I think I’m under eating now except when I crave sweets.

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