Summer Fitness Challenge 2020

Okay, so, I have like 12-15 weeks left of being at home to get my life in order and get ready to go back to work in the fall. I called my case manager today and we had a quick conversation about what I could be doing from home since I’m having a hard time staying focused and motivated. This includes losing weight and getting back into physical shape.

I did the math. If I work hard, and really get off my butt and start counting calories again and tracking food (for realz this time) – I can maybe lose 3-4 pounds weekly. This is pushing it. I try not to make goals by the pound but I’m running out of time and something needs to change.

I’ve come up with a plan – and I’m encouraging you all to join me!

My Fitness Pal

After my post the after day on reviewing the top three fitness apps, I’ve decided to sign back into MFP and give it another chance. Yes, tracking food can be tedious. But it gives you an idea of how many calories you are consuming in a day.

The old “eat less, move more” motto is outdated and doesn’t work for everyone. For some people with hormonal issues, weight-loss is a little more complex.

It’s more about what you eat – than how much you eat But – to be healthy – I’m aiming for 1300 – 1500 calories. This is acceptable for someone of my activity level.

As I drop weight and activity levels increase – I’ll add more calories.

Goal 1: track daily food for 30 days and see if there is any progress. If yes, then continue for the entire challenge.

NO pasta or junk food

This hurts because I love pasta. But I find myself getting sick after eating whole bowls of pasta meals – even if it’s just with vegetables. I’m switching to brown rice, quinoa, and squashes instead. These are much healthier and can be lower in carbs. In moderation – rice can add on the pounds if you’re not careful.

Junk food – that’s going to be hard. I don’t eat a lot of it but treats now and then are nice. But I think the occasional snack is holding me back. Bye bye sour candies. I’ll miss you.

Ordering in – I only do that about once a month anyway when I want something greasy. Which isn’t very often anymore since I started cooking again.

Goal 2: No junk food (cries)

Try new recipes

I’m going to try new recipes – this gets challenging when you only have certain foods available to you. Meat is awfully expensive where I live. Food in general has gone up a lot. So, I’m looking for new casseroles and low carb meals I can enjoy. My problem is snacking – I need to find healthy snacks like rice crackers, fruit, low fat yogurt and so on.

Goal 3: Try new and exciting foods


I really need to up my game in the exercise department. My knees are shit right now and that’s because I really haven’t been walking. My goal is to get out at least twice a week for longer walks – going to the garbage bin doesn’t count as a walk.

  • Strength and Core – 4x per week
  • Mini-cycle – 3x per week
  • Weights – 3x per week
  • Walks – at least 2x per week

I’m hoping to get into the pool in August when things are a little more settled with COVID. That’s what is keeping me indoors right now.

Goal 4: exercise daily – go for walks on “rest” days

Sleep Schedule

This I really need to work on. I need to get to a point where I can have six or seven hours of sleep without getting up (except to pee). To make this happen, I need to reset my clock.

Goal 5: Regulate sleep schedule – in bed by 1:00 am every night – up by 8:00 am for the first 30 days.


I’m still debating on rewards for myself. This will depend on my financial situation. I do need new clothes for work – so that will happen in August. No point doing it now. I want to drop at least 3 dress sizes by then. Wishful thinking? Probably. But I know if I work hard, I can do it.

I was making great progress back in February and was so close to my first goal weight. But then COVID and depression of isolation got me. I’m feeling better – and up to getting back into routine.

I’m even making plans for retraining in the fall. I don’t know what that looks like yet but if I can do some courses, that means I can apply for better paying jobs in the fall. I have until mid-September to get my shit and act together.

Motivational Partners

I’m going to start a community on MyFitnessPal and create a community called Mostly Single. If you’re up for the challenge, come find me and join me there!

I’m tired of feeling tired all the time. I’m tired of needing naps. And I’m tired of being ashamed of the size I am – I want to grab life by the ballsack (sorry not sorry) and take charge again.

Who’s with me?

If you want to hire me as your personal motivator — I accept Amazon gift card donations lol!

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