Thoughts that keep me up at night time

It’s, I don’t even know what day it is anymore – Wednesday, maybe? I didn’t get to bed until about four in the morning and then woke up for no reason thirty minutes ago. It’s now almost eight am.

Four hours of sleep is definitely not enough. But my condo is so hot right now that I knew if I stayed in bed, I would feel worse for it. This kind of heat – you can’t do much. It was 26 degrees last night – and that’s with both large fans going, all windows open and the heat off.

The heat has been off for about two months already. It’s insane. Here it is, only in June, and I’m sweltering like it’s a mid-summer day.

When it gets this hot, my body just refuses to cooperate. My legs swell. My head pounds. My armpits and knees sweat. I find sweat in places I didn’t think it was possible to find sweat. You don’t want to move. Sometimes it hurts to breathe.

It exhausts me. I wound up sleeping most of yesterday, maybe that explains why I’m up so early today. So, I have my coffee and cereal and am looking for podcasts to listen to.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Joe Rogan this week. I go through phases with his show. With his friends, he’s an annoying pig and I can’t stand the way he talks about women. But when he interviews people he respects, he’s a whole different guy and is a really good interviewer.

He had Alex Jones on recently, who is just a nutcase all around, and Alex basically just screamed at Joe the whole time. He did this weird southern accent that freaked Joe out. It was kind of sad and hilarious all in one.

But lately, my favorite discussions are anything out of the normal. He has guests on that are historians, archaeologists, explorers, scientists and even had a retired CIA agent on.

I was listening to one interview about CIA and government experiments back in the 60’s with LSD. That was the drug of choice back then. Today it’s meth because it’s so cheap to produce. Charles Manson, the serial killer and cult leader from the southern states was featured.

My mind was blown as I listened to all these horrible experiments the CIA conducted on people like Manson – who was eventually murdered a shit load of people.

And it got me thinking. How much does the government hide from us? Sometimes it feels like we’re just pawns in a game that we have no control over.

Like this whole COVID thing and isolation rules. They’re using our cells phones and GPS devices and apps to track our move to make sure that infected people don’t travel when they’re not supposed to.

I also got to thinking of all the things I can do now from home and how far we’ve come in technology.

One of the interviews was with Bob Lazar who is known for working with alien technology in the 80’s. He went public with the information and the government spunged his record clean.

Spunged. Scrubbed. These are government terms when they want to clean up documents and official records to get rid of anything that might incriminate them. I know, because I was often asked to “scrub” reports and briefings and check for “accuracy.”

Bob Lazar worked on alien technology in a super secret government lab. But that wasn’t the part that interested me. The part that interested me was the fact that he was told the alien craft was found in an dig by a group of archaeologists. That means the craft was old – ancient old.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist. I’ve done my research over the years into various things and debunked the things I don’t think are true. But Carl Sagan, was a hell of a writer. He inspired the movie Contact. X-files was my mum’s favorite show and she and I would watch it on Friday nights and discuss whether we thought aliens were real.

We both believed. I mean, why not? It’s ignorant to think we’re the only intelligent creatures in the entire universe.

And so, these are deep thoughts that plague my mind on a Wednesday morning. I think it’s Wednesday. I’m waiting for a call from my pharmacy for a delivery later today.

And it got me thinking, just how much we can do from home now.

People are doing their jobs from home. I can get my groceries delivered to my door. I can have appointments with my doctor on via telehealth. I can have virtual therapy appointments. I can see my dad on zoom – even though I can’t give him a hug in person and it’s been four months. I miss him.

But I can do all this shit from my own recliner and I don’t even really have to move if I didn’t want to.

But I want to. All this technology I think is making us lazy in a way. We’re relying on it too much to do thinking for us. Common sense seems to be a thing of the past.

People spend way too much time perfecting these pictures they post on instagram and twitter. And then they wait for the likes. And if no likes come, then they spend another few hours perfecting better pictures.

It’s exhausting to me.

I know when I put away my cell phone for a bit I feel better for it. My head feels better. Yes, I’m still on the computer. But I’m not constantly checking my instagram or Facebook account and it feels good.

I think we all rely on technology a little too much and I find myself yearning for simpler days. Simpler times. Times when we could do these things for ourselves and think for ourselves without relying on Siri or Bixby or OK Google to tell us information.

Before we used things like Atlases and encyclopedia – and libraries to get our information.

I really don’t have a point with this post. I’m rambling. I need coffee. Coffee. Another thing I can’t seem to give up. I rely on it too much like a drug to get me going in the morning.

But it’s comforting.

I made the mistake of listening to Joe’s interview with Elon Musk. The guy didn’t sound right. He sounded dejected. Tired. Defeated. He talked about how he warned everyone about messing with AI too soon. Don’t rely on AI and technology. AI’s going to beat us in the end, he claims.

He adopted a defeatist outlook and he even looked beaten. The more I listened to him respond to questions, it was almost like he was waiting for answers to be fed to him. He was methodical and calculated. Like a robot.

The guy didn’t even sound human.

It was like watching Mark Zuckerberg in an interview. The latest theory is that he’s a robot too. Which is pretty hilarious.

But doesn’t it all just make you stop, and think, and go, woah! I’m left with all these serious thoughts and maybe I’m even having an existential crisis wondering if we’re all just living in a matrix controlled by government psyops, and everything happening around us – is just a simulation to see how far the government can push us.

WHOA Memegeneratorne Whoa - Ted From Bill and Ted | Meme Generator ...

And so, with those deep thoughts – I wish you a good morning, a good night, or whatever it may be depending on where you are in the world.

What thoughts keep you up at night time these dayss?

I’m smarter than I let on folks, I just tend to avoid topics that make me sound bat-shit crazy! 🙂

Here’s the interview. Let me know what you think. For the first 30 minutes, Elon sounds totally defeated. This is only one clip and it shook me.

Okay, well this follow up interview explains a lot. They were totally drunk and stoned in this initial interview. I don’t feel so crazy now! I’m hooked on this show.

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