Rainy days and Mondays

Here we are at Monday again. It’s another gloomy and rainy day out there. My condo was so cold this morning I had to turn the heat back on. It was plus 26C in here on Friday night and now I need a sweater. Only in Alberta.

I don’t mind the cooler weather. I just wish we had some consistency. It’s supposed to rain all week.

My sleep schedule is still off and my hormones are all over the map. I’ve been in bed the past two days off and on and high on Toradol, which is the only thing that stops the pain from my ovaries. If I could cut myself open and rip those suckers out myself, I would. But alas. It’s probably not possible – nor would it be, you know, “sanitary”.

Last night, I decided to resurrect an old music blog I had started in 2018. I renamed it and only had to pay $20 for the year with my credits from WordPress. The blog will be dedicated to my music experiences. This way I can write more often. I’m also going to monetize that blog. It’s probably the only way I will make money from music.

That way, I can keep this blog focused on my fitness journey, cooking and weekly articles on spiritual health – something I’m still deeply passionate about.

We’re already into mid-June and I really need to think about returning to work in September. That’s my deadline. I need to have a plan of action in place. I’ve been home so long that it is going to be a brutal wake up call when it’s time to go back to work – whatever that might be.

I’m hoping I can find some part time work from home options. I think that’s the good thing that’s come out of COVID. People have more freedom and flexibility with their jobs that working from home is a viable and legitimate option.

Speaking of COVID – no test results. I’ve put in a complaint to AHS, this is really unacceptable.

If I can find a job for 30 hours a week with a decent salary, I can live off that quite comfortably. Then I can do work from home for the rest of the time. I can work on artistic projects, the blogs, and maybe some books.

For those reading this – and who work from home – what kind of job do you have that you can work from home? Are there any legit companies in Canada hiring writers or bloggers?

I even thought about doing something mind-numbing as data entry. That’s something I’m really good at. I’m also really good at research, writing and event planning. But I think the world has changed for planning large scale events.

Even if I could go back to my current job, most of it was event planning and there’s no more events to plan for.

I have a lot to think about over the next few weeks. But in the mean time, head over to my new blog. I’ve removed music completely from Mostly Single as I think that’s just too many topics to cover in one place.

I was tickled pink yesterday though when I logged into youtube and saw I had five new subscribers overnight. I’m so close to that 100 mark. For that reason alone, I’m sharing a video here. But if you’re interested in my musical blog – it’s a work in progress. (scrubbed – I’m back to writing as “Wendy” for this blog).

Thanks for reading – I’m almost at 500 followers. Can you help me make a 1,000? That’s my goal for the summer.

Happy Monday.

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