Thursday Thoughts: I’m tired of isolation. I miss people.


My sleep schedule is all over the map. I was up at 7:00 am this morning and had breakfast. But I’m still feeling drained so I went back to bed until about thirty minutes ago. I’m still fighting this bug and anxiously waiting for my phone to ring for my COVID-19 results.

It sucks – just waiting and not being able to go anywhere or see anyone. I’m supposed to see my doctor next week for an update, the first one since February. I was told not to come in if I tested positive.

My brains hurts too much to work on long articles today. I’ve written so much this past week. It’s like I got hit with a writer’s bug and inspiration is in overdrive. I almost got out of bed last night as I thought of an interesting post on what the word privledge means – but then opted out of that idea.

Yesterday was a washed out kind of day. I don’t know why I’m so tired this week but I mostly just slept. When I woke up, I felt this really bad pain in my leg and I knew I had strained a muscle in my workout the day before.

So, I took a full day of rest yesterday. No exercise at all. And sometimes your body just needs that. A rest day – a day to let your muscles heal and relax.

I’m still toying with the idea of writing some books. But my mind is all over the place and I find focusing on one task a challenge these days. I do a lot of my writing late at night time when the world is quiet. I throw on some meditative music on youtube and let my fingers fly.

Sometimes hours will go by and I won’t even know it. I have to set reminders on my phone to get up and eat or go to bed. I need to get my schedule back in check. I have 2.5 months left at home – going back to work is going to be a real shell shock.

My dreams last night were weird. I dreamed that I was living in this house with a couple. Or I was renting it and they were there all the time. I don’t know. My mother was still alive and friends from the church were there too. It was a mix of young people partying and older friends.

I’m trying to remember some of the conversations that were had with the male roommate. But it’s all a blur. Sometimes if I don’t write the dreams down right away, they slip away and I forget about them.

Others stay with me for days – even years. Which is why I want to write a book about my experiences.

Stephen King gets more of his inspiration from his nightmares. I don’t know if I have enough discipline to write a novel. But I really think it’s time I sit down, and really focus on getting these short books done.

The question is – coming up with a good pen name. It’s not that I have anything to hide, most writers use pen names. So, that’s something to think about for the next while.

I used to love Stephen King when I was a teenager. I had read all his books by the time I was fourteen – at least all the books he had published by then. Even the ones under his other pen name. Reading was my favorite thing to do next to music.

Maybe that’s why I’m such a good writer now. At least that’s what my friends tell me. They’re the ones saying I should write books.

So yeah. Maybe I should do that.

Happy Thursday. At least the sun is shining again and it feels good.

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