Dreams: I dreamed that Liam Neeson “took” me.

It’s Wednesday morning already and we’re into the second week of June. I’m still in isolation as I wait for test results from Sunday. Should be here any day now. I’ve been stalking MyAlbetaHealth records daily for the results.

Rough night last night. My nose wold not stop running. My head was foggy and my ears are plugged. I am about 90% sure that this is an allergy thing. Itchy and watery eyes. Headache. But the nosebleeds and runny nose are the worst part of it.

Last night I had another bunch of random dreams. But in the longest dream I was having a love affair with Liam Neeson and he was a sadistic prick. It was a secret affair and we didn’t love each other.

I don’t know. It made no sense. I woke up tired and groggy wishing I could sleep the day away.

I also had a dream that I visited my office and it changed so much. I was wearing a long shirt with no pants on – which is not like me. And I hadn’t shaved my legs in months. So, wtf brain. Can we stop with the weird stress dreams please?

I got my groceries delivered and mostly put away. But instead of eating the fresh fruit I just washed, I’m eating sour patch kids. My mouth is going to hate me later.

And I just about had a heart attack because some douche in a sports car just revved his engine near by. Why, people? Why do you insist on doing this crap?

Anyway, that’s all I have to say today. I’m unsure how I feel about Liam Neeson now. All I can hear him say is this. Truth be told, he’s still hot at his age. He can hunt me down any time.

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