Sunday Adventures: COVID testing, and I got stuck in my recliner.

So, this morning, I had to go for the COVID-19 test. I was feeling pretty good, albeit tired as I was getting ready for the long drive to Mill Woods. A neighbourhood that I’m very familiar with as I used to live there.

My ever faithful friend Wally drove me there. Yes, I had my mask with me. We had a chat about wearing it – and he said don’t bother.

“I’ve driven you back and forth for groceries. If you’re positive, I can get tested.”

It almost felt like we were chatting about STI testing. That’s what I thought of this morning. We’re living in some strange times.

Finding the right door to the Appointments Only area was a bit confusing. The rain didn’t make things easy either. It was pouring. And it’s been pouring for three days non stop.

I was fairly impressed with how quick the whole process was. I knocked on the door and waited a couple of minutes to be let in. All entrances were locked.

I was wearing my mask at this point. I walked in, they asked me to clean my hands. They pointed me to another table where I had to show my ID and Alberta Health Care card. Easy peasy.

They then pointed to another section and said, “stop at the red line.” The nurse saw the look of confusion in my eyebrows? And pointed exactly where I had to go. Directions are not my forte.

I picked up my appointment papers and within moments, I was sitting down in a private little seating area. Kind of like in a waiting room.

The nurse was really good. She explained the whole procedure and verified my information. The test didn’t take long either. It was very much like a swab test for strep throat which I’ve had a few times.

But the gross thing is – they put it really far down into your mouth and yes, shamefully, I nearly gagged a couple of times but managed to get through it.

All in all, the whole procedure took about ten minutes. I was in and out. What surprised me is they asked me to toss my mask away as I was leaving. So, if you go to the Edmonton location, bring two masks with you. Don’t use a homemade one. Just get one of the cheap ones. Or ask for one when you get there.

I was shocked at how many people walked in without a mask. I put mine on in the truck and kept it on the whole time I was inside the building.

Wally and I made the long drive home and stopped at Tim Hortons. I said, “no doughnuts, but maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.” The location didn’t have sandwiches. I kept saying “no carbs, no doughnuts” and asked for a coffee and a muffin instead.

As soon as Wally handed it to me, I was like, “Oh, fuck.”

I hopped on the bike after eating my lunch and watched youtube videos when I got home. I did notice that my mouth felt scratchy and sore after the test. I hope that was just the swab. It was not… pleasant.

An hour later, I’m on my computer, laid back in my recliner, and the fucking power goes out. I hop onto reddit and find that power was out all over the city.

And there I was stuck. In my electric recliner.

Took me a good ten minutes to climb out of it. The first time, the chair nearly toppled over and I nearly took my piano down with me. I finally had to very carefully, push my recliner away from the computer. Straddled the lower section with my legs. And then pushed the chair away with my hands. Luckily, my floor is slippery and the chair moves easily.

But still. This has been my worst fear since I got this cheap ass chair from Leons. I guess that’s what you get for a $250 faux leather chair.

Toilet Stuck GIF - Bathroom Cry Stuck GIFs

So, I said fuck it (excuse my language). Went to bed for a couple of hours. And finished the day off with a Big Mac from Mc Dick’s.

What is it about a burger from McDonalds? It tastes so good as you eat it, but then you hate yourself for it later. I hate myself right now. But that will pass soon. I have left over McNuggets.

It felt somewhat satisfying, but I know I will pay for it tomorrow.

So, that was my Sunday. How was yours?

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  1. I am so sick of this rain! I can’t remember when it last rained for days at a time – I think I was back when I lived out on the Island. So basically, the weekend was a wash! lol

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