I’m in isolation. Again.

We’ve had a lot of rain the last few weeks where I live. The wind has also been really strong the past few days. I went to enjoy a break on the balcony the other night when I noticed how gross the balcony had become. There was dust and dirt all over. Even the siding – which was blue and grey – had turned brown.

The large maple trees surrounding my block continue to puke little tiny saplings onto my balcony too. They’re impossible to get rid of and they even started appearing in my storage shed.

So, I got the bright idea yesterday – on the windiest day – because I was bored – to start cleaning the balcony. Which turned out to be a huge mistake.

I spent a good two hours out there washing down the siding with my mop and soapy water. It did a pretty good job. I had get into the tight corners with some bleach and paper towel which turned my fingers almost black – I didn’t have any gloves. And stupid me, I contemplating wearing a mask for the job but said, “Nah, I’m no wuss, I don’t need a mask.

It was pride. Stupidity. Ignorance. Pick your insult – it’s okay. I’m kicking myself today.

But my balcony has never looked better and I got all the bird shit cleaned off the chairs. It felt good. Being in the sun and getting exercise like that.

I’ve already been fighting allergies for a bit. Runny nose and itchy eyes. But I felt fine and was looking forward to seeing my dad today. I was also supposed to see my doctor. And my sister. It was going to be a good day.

Other than picking up groceries in the parking lot at Superstore, and seeing my dad ONCE – I’ve been at home. Avoiding people. Doing all the things I’m supposed to do.

But I woke up this morning and started to cough. I always have a dry cough thanks to the asthma. But this is different. I could feel it in my lungs. I checked my forehead. Nope. No fever. I checked my toes and fingers. Everything looked fine. Breathing? Check, just a bit of a wheeze but again, nothing unusual there.

I phone my doctor’s office and they said. “Sorry, but she doesn’t want you to come in. Let’s wait until June 19th.”

And so, once again, I’m in isolation. Because of allergies.

Stupid allergies. They’ve plagued me all my life. Every spring is a nightmare. When the snow melts and the snow mold is exposed – that’s the worst. But it gets bad in the fall too. I find the symptoms show up when the weather and humidity changes. My throat is killing me. But it feels normal. I mean, as normal as you can with allergies.

I had to text my sister with the disappointing news. But it saved her the long drive of picking me up. She’ll see dad instead with the kids. I’m bummed. Super bummed. But this is life now. This is what we do to protect our loved ones.

I just filled my body with medications. Eye drops. Ear drops. Nasal spray. Aspirin, because I don’t have any sudafed. I inhaled my puffer. I have the humidifier on high. It helps.

I also have a hot pot of coffee brewing. Breakfast is lazy – just a muffin. I’m checking my emails and social media accounts. I’ll watch the news for a bit. But then as instructed, I’m heading back to bed.

Allergies suck at the best of times. But during COVID?

If you cough near a person, everyone turns and stares at you like you’ve just committed murder. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s like this scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers – the one with Donald Sutherland. I can still hear that scream in my head as I close my eyes.

As if COVID, riots, protests, and earthquakes weren’t bad enough – NASA released news that an asteroid was “hurdling towards earth.”

And so, me being me, I watched Armageddon for the hundredth time. It’s such a fun movie. I used to love Ben Affleck back in the day. But the whole cast is really great. Plus 90’s Bruce Willis? He was the ultimate dream boat.

Plus… he’s in uniform. Remember my love of uniforms.

But this scene always makes my heart smile. When everyone starts singing the John Denver song. I love it.

I’m weird like that. When COVID broke out, I watched all the zombie movies. Again. And again. Maybe I’m a masochist at heart.

Last night, after chatting with a friend – I started writing a book. I’m torn on what name to publish it under. I’ll share it here when it’s done. I have a series that I could do if I get it finished. And yes, they will be on Amazon once done. She’s been pushing me to do it for a while. She’s my most faithful reader of this blog and I appreciate her.

I think that’s it for now. Coffee is calling me. I guess I’ll be writing a lot more the next two weeks.

What else is there to do in isolation? Except maybe talk to the four walls like Shirley Valentine did. And re-watch a lot of great classic movies for the millionth time. I had Twister on last week. Shaun of the Dead the week before. And today – I think it’s a Shirley Valentine kind of night.

(another great film)

Stay safe friends.

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